I am delighted once again to offer a wonderful opportunity for you to read an excerpt, or in this case, a standalone story by one of my many contributing erotic authors’ published stories. Here is a story called Francine’s Goodbye Kiss by author Nicci Haydon. I have been thrilled that Nicci has previously written a host of stories for Frolicme; ANAL ADORATION, DOUBLE DANGEROUS, F… IS FOR? and JUST HANGING. Below is her chosen excerpt for you to enjoy here.  Full details of where you can purchase further short stories to accompany this one can be found at the end.


“Francine’s Goodbye Kiss is a standalone story set in the fictional world of Nicci Haydon’s “Saffron” series. The events in this story take place before the start of the first book in the series, “Saffron After Hours”.

In the series, Francine features heavily as the main love interest for Saffron as her lesbian desires are awakened and explored through a series of erotic encounters.”


Celestia crouched low against the floor, peering through the gap under the TV stand, her arm twisting into space as she searched for her controller. I couldn’t help giggling. It wasn’t sexy.

“Will you let me pull the TV out for you, Esti?”

“No, it’s fine, I can almost reach it.” She groaned as she pushed herself further forward.

I felt wistful as I watched her, knowing that this was going to be the last time we’d see each other for a while. She would say that it wouldn’t be forever, but who knew for sure?

“Got it!” She shuffled back from the gap, dragging the games controller and a long wire with her. “Thanks for letting me collect these, I don’t want to buy new ones when I get there.”

I smiled. “It’s not like we’re parting on bad terms. And you know, you’re always welcome here. Anytime you want to come visit, my door is open.”

“Thanks, Fran. That means a lot. I do love you, you know.”

I nodded. “I know. And I love you.”

“You could come with me.”

It wasn’t the first time she’d suggested it, and it was a tempting offer. I did love her, I had from the moment I laid eyes on her. But I couldn’t go with her. I sighed. “This is your dream, Celestia, not mine.”

She nodded. “I had to try. Just one more time.”




I watched her from the open door as she piled the consoles into the back of her Mini, along with all her clothes, her teddy bears, sex toys, laptop computer. It was still early, cool sunlight just creeping over the tops of the houses. She’d go to her mom’s for the night, then start her new life with a seven hundred mile road trip the next morning. It wasn’t the moon, but it was too far for a relationship – even a long distance one.

“Well, that’s the lot,” she said as she wandered back over to me. Celestia was tall and thin, and it gave her this kind of ambling gait that didn’t seem like she was in a hurry to go anywhere. “I guess this is goodbye.”

“How about one last kiss?”

She grinned. “Sure.”

As she leaned down I got a whiff of her perfume, a smell like old forests and adventure. It suited her, and in truth I always knew that our time together would be brief. Even if I followed her now, how long before she moved on again? A year? Two? Her soft lips pressed against mine and I moaned as I sank into the kiss. A net curtain moved across the road, but I didn’t care. Let the neighbours talk. My hand snaked around the back of her neck and I pulled her in closer as she tried to break apart. “Not yet,” I gasped between breaths. “Just a moment longer.”

Her arms wrapped around my waist and she lifted me against her, pushing me back into the house and heaving me onto the wall. I lifted my legs and she took my weight as I encircled her with my body. My hands tangled in her blond curls and she gasped as I tugged.

“Upstairs,” she whispered, and I nodded.




She lifted my camisole top over my head with a kind of urgency I hadn’t seen before – maybe it was the idea of one last fuck or maybe the fact that her car and my front door were both wide open to the world. But when her teeth clamped down on the soft flesh above my breasts it sent shockwaves of ecstasy pulsating through my nerve endings. I grabbed handfuls of her T-shirt, tugging it free of her jeans, desperate to get at her skin.

I stumbled as I stripped her, falling onto the bed in a fit of giggles as I tore at the fabric, unfastened her bra clasp and the button on her jeans. We both ran desperate hands over each other’s bodies, gasping for breath, sweat already starting to bead on my skin. I needed to build a memory of the way she felt, the way she tasted, the way she smelled. I rolled to straddle her, bedsprings creaking as I grasped at the waistband of her jeans, but she pulled me forward to lay on top of her and I gratefully sank into a fresh kiss.

Her slim body writhed beneath me, her fingers caressing my shoulders, my ribs, settling at my hips.

I laughed into her mouth. “That tickles.”

“I need to make you cum.”

I nodded. “Slowly, baby. There’s no rush.”

Wriggling down her body, I kissed her throat, nipped at the collarbone. She gasped and shifted, and I dug my nails into her shoulders, holding her still. Then I kissed the tip of each tiny pink nipple, before settling on the left one, sucking it into my mouth, rolling it with my tongue. Her moans drove me on, made me squirm, my thighs rubbing against one another, stimulating my labia and making my pelvic muscles spasm. Her body writhed as I sucked her flesh into my mouth, playfully digging my teeth into her breast, making her hiss with the pain. I laughed and glanced up to see only her chin, her head thrown back hard against the pillow, blond curls falling messily about her.

“Oh God, don’t stop,” she moaned, her back arching, bringing her belly up against my naked breasts, sweat lubricating the contact, my nipples squished between us.

I laughed and nipped the bud of her right tit, making her cry out in pain and pleasure.

“Fuck! Francine, what has gotten into you?”

“Just giving you a proper send-off, my love.”

She laughed, her body shaking with it, and I rolled the nipple between my thumb and forefinger, listening to her moan as she writhed against the bed. The covers, still messy from sleep, were now crumpled around her like purple ripples. I reached down and slipped a hand inside my pyjama bottoms, ran my fingers over the smooth, hairless skin and found my soft lips. Taking her nipple in my mouth again, I suckled and licked as I rubbed my pussy, slipping fingers along the damp, slick folds of skin, finding my clit swollen and hot, gasping as I flicked it.

I kissed between Celestia’s breasts, down over her stomach, slipped my tongue inside her navel and made her cry out, wriggling against the sensitivity. I kissed her pelvis as I climbed down onto the floor at the end of the bed and finally started to remove her jeans. Her writhing made it harder, flailing limbs holding them in place, but I tugged hard and brought them down over her thighs, over her calves and feet, and tossed them into the corner of the bedroom.

“You’re beautiful,” I said.

She laughed and moaned, struggled to control her breathing as she gasped out a reply: “Please… eat me.”

I giggled and settled between her legs. Her panties were pretty, lacy and soft, chosen less for practicality and more for pleasure. It was typical of Celestia. She was a nerd on the outside, scientific and methodical. It was how she got this job, managing a computer network in another country. I didn’t even pretend to understand all of it. But deep down, underneath it all, she was a lover and a dreamer. She appreciated aesthetics. She wanted to feel sexy, she liked to experiment and try new things. It was what brought us together against all the odds. We were both looking for someone who understood and accepted the whole, not just the outward persona.

Pulling her panties aside, I took a moment to appreciate the sight, knowing that it might be the last time. The little delta of trimmed hair, the dark petals that protruded beautifully between her outer lips, glistening now with her dew.

“Please…” She moaned. “Frankie, please…”

I drew a finger through the folds and she squirmed, lifting her hips away from the bed. Then I leaned forward and put the tip of my tongue to the base of her slit. I always loved the way she tasted, sweet and salty. The flavour coated my tongue as I drew it along the flesh, memorising every bump and crease, giggling as she gasped and bleated and dug her hands into the covers. I grabbed her thighs and drew her body back down to the bed, then pushed my tongue inside her as I licked along her cunt.

Her cries of pleasure rang in my ears, and I was distantly aware that the front door was still wide open, that there was no barrier to the sound between us and the rest of the street. But I didn’t care. This was beautiful, and I intended to enjoy it.

I slipped my hand back inside my pyjama bottoms as I took her clitoris between my lips and suckled gently, circling the hot, smooth flesh with my tongue. My fingers slid along my own lips, back and forth, as I licked Celestia, both of us starting to moan and undulate in time with each other, both nearing climax.

“Oh fuck, Francine I’m going to explode.”

I giggled. “Do it, Esti,” I gasped as my body quivered, my stomach muscles clenching, my hips rolling. “I want… to taste you.”

When she came, her hips bucked and she squirted hot juices, soaking my chin and my bottom lip. The smell of it, the taste as I thrust against my own fingers, spurred me on. I slipped two fingers in and out, my palm rubbing my clit, bringing me close until I cried out wordlessly, my body hammering back and forth, pelvic muscles spasming. My vision clouded for a moment and I crashed forward against Celestia’s hips, felt her undulating beneath me, then finally started to gain control and held onto her legs to keep from collapsing to the floor.




Reluctantly, I pulled on my camisole as I watched Celestia dress. I wanted to be naked, but I also wanted to wave her off from the door. Even I knew I couldn’t do both and still expect the neighbours to have any shred of respect for me.

“Are you going to be OK?” She asked as she clasped her bra.

I nodded. “I’ll be fine. I have the club.”

She paused and sucked her bottom lip. “It’s not enough for you,” she said finally. “You need someone special. I know we were never exclusive, but we always knew we belonged to each other. I was your girlfriend, Frankie, not anyone else’s. You need that. You need someone to call your own.”


“No maybe. You do. You have love to give, not just sex.” She grinned. “Although the sex is great.”

I laughed. “There’s…” I shook my head. “Never mind.”

“Someone you have your eye on?”

I avoided looking at her. It didn’t seem right, to talk about a crush on her. She would be my ex-girlfriend in a few minutes time, but right now we were still together. I could still taste her cum on my lips.

Besides, I didn’t even know if Saffron would be interested. She might be straight as an arrow.

“It’s OK. I’m glad. I want you to be happy, Francine.”

“I will be.”

“Call me, yeah? Don’t be a stranger. And I’ll be taking you up on that offer to come stay.”

I nodded. “Any time.”

She pulled on the rest of her clothes and we embraced. Not as lovers, but as friends. The best of friends. And then I watched her go.


FRANCINE’S FIRST KISS by Nicci Haydon is available from Amazon

Also available in eBook and paperback omnibus editions (books 1, 2 and 3).


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