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Professional artist Sonia Hensler illustrates my naughty imagery in her own bespoke erotic style

I was thrilled to chat with Sonia Hensler, a UK based artist who got in touch with to discuss her recent new project called La Punani which is all focused on bespoke erotic portraiture. I found it a fascinating step into erotica for someone who has forged such a highly recognized career, her work often centred on her...

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Fifty Shades of Grey…maybe we just didn’t get enough sex for one of the hot sex stories of the moment

It was always going to be a tough job, taking one of the most anticipated hot sex stories of our time, (just on the basis of the 100m books sold worldwide) and producing a film that would not disappoint, and particularly those loyal readers who enjoyed all 3 books in the trilogy. In fairness to the very artistic and...

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