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As promised the final part of what happened to our Twitter follower Miss X and her naughty neighbour following her initial sunbathing tease in the garden one day. In her words…

“James managed to wriggle free. He sat up, his arms encircling me. He turned me around and ran his fingers through my hair, tugging a little to lift my chin. Kissing me deeply. His tongue toying with mine. He was intoxicating. I had let my lust overcome my sensibilities. I pulled away, taking a breath. I climbed off of the bed guiltily searching for my jeans. I felt exhausted emotionally, and physically too.

James sat on the bed watching me, was he smirking? I turned to him hands on my naked hips, confronting him. He smiled, and stepped over the pile of clothes embracing me fiercely.
We dressed in silence, kissing again briefly before he left and I closed the door behind him. A picture of him tied to my bed will be forever locked away in my mind for safe keeping.”

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