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Taking up a comment made by one of my gorgeous followers I did a little ‘web’ digging and found the video ‘Mine’ that they found so exciting and thought it only right that I should post it up here to see what you all thought. All very FSofG playing on the theme of gorgeous sub and some naughty ‘kinkyfuckery’. Possibly a little too beautiful…possibly a little too BDSM but certainly beautifully filmed with a magical anticipation to it. What do you all think? Do tell me. I love hearing your thoughts. Thank you and enjoy something to watch Sir. xx

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16 thoughts on “VIEW Nº1 – Something to watch sir?

  1. I love his. Not so much for the man and woman. They are both beautiful which adds to the whole films sensuous side. I’m dawn more to the actions. The touching, the imagery when they are apart, you can sense they are both thinking of each other. Her smearing shaving cream, Him watching her move. The leather belts and buckles are toys that heighten the moment and used as a tool. I could transport myself into this film, with my partner of course.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • It’s interesting I would agree, as much as these are attractive models used for the film, the power for me is in their actions, some of which are so subtle and yet to me so much more powerful than obvious more direct sexual actions. The tension is key, I find myself anticipating what it must feel like to be in that scene. Thank you for your comments and interest. Loves Anna xx

  2. I really liked this. I do enjoy some overt sex in porn, but I LOVE when the sex has tension, story and a little something left for me to take into my own fantasy life and remake in 50 different scenarios as my imagination dictates.

    • Erotic tension, build up, something that keeps us wanting, again its all about pushing the fantasy in our heads too. So true thank you for your comment! Loves Anna xx

  3. It’s certainly a refreshing change to what the internet is chocka with. This relates to more of the senses for men and women. Ok the models are good looking, but it’s the sensations and the experiences the video highlights, the models are a representation and link into fantasy which does look at things perfectly. Bring on more please :-).

  4. Loved this video! It sets the stage for the fantasy but allows space for each of us to insert our own fantasy to fill in the hot details. There are as many stories to be created as there are views.

  5. OH YES!! I have seen this many times . Many many many times !!! Opps ! Sorry ! The end is rather interesting …


  6. What turns me off about this, or fails to turn me on rather, is that they are way too perfect looking, they are like models, not real people. Secondly, while I am no BDSM aficionado, I thought the sub got off on pain, and he isn’t doing anything to her, just some very well lighted and perfectly executed pulling and tugging and kissing.
    Wow, I sound so bitchy! Don’t mean to be, but you said to let you know what I thought, so I am.

    • With respect….Yes they are a handsome couple….but pornstars typically are too? D/s isn’t all about pain. Not all subs are masochists necessarily. Its an intricate relationship….based on trust and love. The couple works together to build their dynamic. They feed each other through their gifts to one another.
      I like this short film because there is no gratuitous sex with its overblown sounds and stupid music/story. It allows me to sink into the feelings I know well as a submissive. I understand every expression on her face….I can feel her heartbeat quicken and her arousal growing. This is the sexiest film I’ve ever seen! Its a teaser…Wish there was more!

    • No all subs aren’t into pain… It is the feeling of submitting all control to another person. D&s isn’t even always about sex. It is about letting go and trust for subs and all abiut control and care for the Doms.

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