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That’s it girls… I am on the ‘men’ hunt again! On this occasion not just for me I should quickly say, though it has always been a very naughty little pastime. No this is on a very professional basis to help with my film making you understand, and when looking I promise I have tried not to over peek with my glasses on.

The last few weeks I have been bouncing between various activities from sleepovers to pumpkins to chatting with various model agencies in Europe and afar. Yes I did say that… I have been looking at model agencies and its been very exciting! I have now been introduced to a number of agencies via some new found friends who are helping to guide me through this mind field. It has been very interesting to get a better understanding of how the erotica industry works, some aspects I fully expected, but I never thought I would encounter a shortage of men.

Before you all start asking but surely there must be plenty of men, infact raining men. I have to say it is proving a little harder than I thought finding them. It’s truly amazing how few men there are within these agencies, from the hundreds and hundreds of women there are only tens of men. The shortage is quite incredible. The girls on the other hand also appear to receive all the kudos, yet the men are often quietly named in the background with, it would appear a less significant role.

So top tip! If any of you boys suddenly feel a change in direction required… and feel you have the credentials to move into this world, you wont find it too over crowded.  However, lets be realistic and not forget that you need to have natural talent in the trouser department and be a performer in front of a lens. Maybe that is why there is a shortage!

From my perspective though I am looking for a little more than a male model, I am also looking for the sort of man that keeps a girl’s attention. I’m wanting more than just a hot appendage that is outstanding in its operation and pecks that could rip a shirt. It’s also finding that additional extra…  some sensual charm and charisma, that special something that adds to the overall appeal. Oh maybe it’s a tall order but it is worth the hunt. When I find them, I will certainly let you all know but in the meantime I will keep my head down perusing as many agencies as I can to find that hidden talent. Well it certainly has brightened up my rainy Yorkshire days. Have they all gone on holiday, maybe I should just head to the beach to find them.

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2 thoughts on “Why is it not raining men?

  1. Best of luck in your endeavors. Maybe you need a trip across the pond and check the talent pool here? I will volunteer to assist you!


  2. Anna ,
    My goodness ! Men , Men …
    I wish you luck in your pursuit of sexy and talented Men . I wish I could help you out . It seems you have it covered !!
    Please let me know what you find 😉


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