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What else should one do on a wet and miserable day in Yorkshire … but work on some scripts ideas! Not one to rest, particularly now I have the bit between my teeth, and there is too much buzzing through my mind, I thought I needed to set some ideas down. It’s one thing to say you going to make some naughty erotica, but having a series of ideas and story lines that you can stand by is another.

Well it hasn’t taken me long at all to come up with quite a few! I’m so excited to see where my ideas can go and the fun that could be had. I posted this picture today as a little taster to wet your appetite and to illustrate some of the naughty imagery that is forming some of my ideas.  There is nothing like a little erotic voyeurism, after all that’s what we are all doing when we stop and look at these cheeky scenes and naughty images…but I don’t advocate we all become peeping Toms, just pretend. However, I do admit that I find a little consenting voyeurism so much fun! Or maybe deep down, I am really an exhibitionist at heart, I think that is something we girls quietly all rather fancy. There is something wicked in knowing you are being watched and seen, deliberately playing to your audience, controlling the state of someones arousal.   “Hmm …. a perfect match made” so says the voyeur to the exhibitionist. But as a theme within a movie it can all be very exciting and add a whole different dimension to stimulate your viewing pleasure and tease your imagination.

But let your mind wander a little too now and I am sure we would all see different scenarios occurring. I love the idea of asking and indeed answering who these two individuals are in the picture? What they are wearing or have been wearing? Where have they come from to finally be here together in this room? What are their intentions going to be, both predetermined or otherwise, and the big question, who can see them from under the chair? Now you can see the sort of film I want to make… ooh love it!

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One thought on “Nothing like a little naughty voyeurism …

  1. Dear Anna ,
    Peeking & watching huh ? Mmmm
    I think I would rather be the woman in the pic . Curves and all 🙂

    I understand what you mean . I look forward to seeing what ” Cum Up ” with 😉


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