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As I lie here soaking up the rays of sun in the prettiest bay conceivable in the Mediterranean, my mind can’t help drifting off into such sexy, naughty, erotic thoughts, whether my own personal ones or developing thoughts of fantasies to film, so often they merge and become one. The eroticism of sex in the sun. After all, I have founded one of the most erotic sites online today. Oh the joy of FrolicMe! It’s work and pleasure combined. Can you imagine being in a state of delicious horn then receiving some wonderful messages through from others enjoying the site as much as I do, or revisiting an old film as if with fresh eyes and enjoying it all over again.


But the sun is so so sexy… when we allow ourselves to relax and absorb its arousing heat. The pleasure of lying languidly with body exposed to bronze and warm, regardless of our body shapes we feel desirable and sexy as we lay outstretched on our sun beds. What is it that makes us feel so lustful and over stimulated in the sun. It is more than warmth, but a wonderful combination of indulgences and physical stimulus as well as an outrageously powerful dose of Vitamin D to increase our body’s functionality and  greater dispersal of pheromones.


I do feel a horny sexual being as I look around to see bodies everywhere shedding clothes with less apprehension than often in the bedroom. Slippery fingers gliding over our bronzing skin, long sensual strokes over our limbs as we caress sunscreen onto our bodies or apply over another torso … somehow we think the sun will reach even our most untouched areas of paler flesh, these areas of course so highly sensual and wanting.The sunshine elevates our mood, allowing our libido to revive itself back to a highly functioning state, which has the impact of us experiencing an increase in desire. And we should, we should allow ourselves to find ways to keep our libido as active as possible and therefore our mind sexually alive for so many reasons, it is part of our bodily functionality, and far too pleasurable to ignore.

So when the seasons change and we move to cooler climes at least we can still stimulate our mind and delight our eyes with naughty films and words on here. But in the meantime I will laze some hours in the sun and let my very naughty imagination play.


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3 thoughts on “The eroticism of sex in the sun

  1. OMG as soon as the sun comes out I become so horny – the problem I have is that I live in the sun all the year round. i love your site because it helps me play out my sex fantasies when my man is not around – it helps having a fuck buddy up the road and last night was a way of letting out all my sexual desires without any recriminations – we love to play and try things out which I can use later with my man when he comes to visit. Thank you

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