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Thank you, thank you! I am most definitely not alone then in my naughty thoughts and ramblings, not that I ever thought I was! No I think there are lots of people out there with a healthy little dose of sexual excitement who like me love nothing more than a naughty picture or saucy thought, I consider is story porn. Just enough to warrant that tweaky feeling.

For me sadly alot of porn just doesn’t have any reality, beauty or passion. The erotic mood of the moment doesn’t exist in the way I would wish to perceive it. I like my naughty imagery to still be raw, visual and in parts quite graphic, but be allowed to depict sexuality without being degrading to either male or female. It should excite the mind and stimulate the body, so much so you want to be there yourself experiencing that feeling and leave you feeling good about what you have seen.

Call it another little fantasy of mine, but I have always fancied a naughty moment in an office. Just a typical office environment with plenty of workers going about their business. Cliché maybe, but somehow there has always been something rather risqué and bold, one of those moments when you grab the opportunity and capture the excitement … hmm just when you know you shouldn’t! Oh my thoughts would be on overdrive thinking how dangerous it would be. But with naughty little skirts on show and men suitably attired, it surely is a rife environment for some temptation to behold.

Maybe I would allow the moment to be quickly captured on my chair, allow a little clothing to be undone with skirt hitched thigh high and panties slid roughly to the side. Heart pounding in my chest, I would feel so tense with nervous excitement knowing how wrong it was in such an environment. I would slide myself further back into the chair to allow myself to be easily exposed, wanting fingers and tongues to touch and play with me. I would feel so aroused and wet so quickly, knowing where I was. Can you imagine being had in that position slightly hidden from view, while working life carries on not far away. Now that’s story porn and certainly a naughty little thought for me to leave you with.

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5 thoughts on “My idea of story porn… or a naughty thought to leave you with…

    • I often think its a way to make you smile inwards to yourself as nobody knows whats in your head but you! Thank you for your lovely comments xx

  1. You’ve hit the nail right on the head – particularly about the type of available porn. I really wish there was more that focussed on the real feelings, passion, thoughts and moments a true sexual encounter brings. Something your site does really well :-). Even from your wonderfully descriptive and erotic fantasy (and certainly nothing wrong with naughty) ;-), it should stimulate the senses gently enough to be desirable for everyone to enjoy. The majority is very degrading to women and so ridiculous that it is causing a lot of harm to our younger generations – who are probably seeing this unrealistic view of porn for the first time.

    Back on topic, certainly is a naughty little thought and you paint a wonderful picture. Excuse me for a moment… ;-).

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