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As many of you may already know I have started a new feature a couple of weeks ago when I posted my very own erotic selfie #Selfie picture. My journey so far has had SO much to so with with exploring my own desires and the incredible self confidence this has given me in my life. As women it’s incredibly important to ignite those flames and feel the sexual being you are. Its is also incredibly liberating to know that you are being naughty in a way that’s totally private and non of your immediate friends or family know about…a naughty little secret providing your own energy and excitement. That was what I found so liberating with my blog when I first started.

I am always thrilled to find others like me who are finding the same personal pleasure that beautiful images can provide. The gorgeous erotic selfie pictures attached to this post are of a lady who has given herself the naughty name of Cheeky Minx and like me found the benefits of self expression so liberatiing that she has created a beautiful site, submerging herself in the erotic, exploring her own passionate yearnings and experiences, her sexuality and sensuality, and all the intricate layers of her own femininity, in word and image.


I am delighted to be able to show a few of her very sensual pictures to I hope encourage more to take a cheeky erotic selfie, which sums up the very essence of her expression and work and the sexual vision of her photographic images. To see more, do take a look at Cheeky Minx’s sexy blog featuring many many more of her own auto portraits and erotic words.

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One thought on “Such An Erotic Selfie …Cheeky Minx!

  1. Thank you for the glorious words, Anna! I’m truly honoured and tickled to be featured on your incredible site – all the more so because I am a great admirer of your seriously sexy and stylish work.

    I look forward to seeing the many other sexy ladies who will grace this selfie space as they explore the beauty of feminine desire…

    ~M x

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