I am just finishing off my next chapter in my naughty adventure which I will post tomorrow as just needs a little tweaking and am running out of free day so please don’t think these new additions are going to change the path I started with this blog.

Anyhow, I just had to share this with you as I am a HUGE fan of Burberry and fellow Yorkshireman Christopher Bailey … as a result I found myself doing a little ‘if only‘ shopping last night and there I was on the Burberry website looking for a gorgeous new Trench coat for the Spring while trying to decide if they have gone one step too far this season by crying over the Blaze Metallics in the men’s collection…not 100% sure it works…! Anyhow I decided to watch the S/S Catwalk video and was blown away by the music being played by Tom Odell as part of their acoustic set to accompany the show. As a result just had to share it with you as its GORGEOUS. Hope you like it too?

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