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But where do our fantasies finish and our true stories start? They both have the ability to blur a little round the edges as some will be true tales which might become other peoples’ fantasies. Infact, such is the case with a naughty little tale sent to me the other week from one of my lovely Twitter followers. This did actually happen, and a tale to tell, and I loved the naughty, spontaneous play directed at a certain gorgeous neighbour. It certainly fired my imagination and I enjoyed the idea of a little naughty sunbathing too.

“I had an enormous crush on my next door neighbour. He was tall, slim with wavy brown hair. His name was James. Because he was a little older than me I never plucked up the courage to speak to him, I just admired him from afar.

My day off from work turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. I decided to do some sunbathing. My husband had gone to work as usual and wouldn’t be back for another couple of hours, so I decided to put on my teeny tiny blue bikini and made my way downstairs to the underused communal garden. James’ flat was on the first floor and looked directly over the patch of grass we called a garden.

I didn’t think of myself as an exhibitionist, but that Monday afternoon I couldn’t suppress the idea any longer. Moving into the sunshine I unrolled my towel and lay down. Stretching provocatively I undid the top half of my bikini. Oh, it was so liberating. My small pale breasts rising and falling with each shallow breath. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the familiar flush that was spreading down my body. I moved my hand from my side and slipped it down towards my warm thighs. At that moment, I heard James opening his window. I hesitated as I glanced in his direction.

The intense arousal that overcame me then was surprising. I couldn’t stop. Emboldened, I arched my back and moved the blue fabric triangle to one side, letting my knees fall open. The cool air whispering over my wetness, fingers sliding down, smooth silky, dipping deeper. I fantasied. James’ tongue curling around and around. My heart fluttering, breath quickening, fingers stroking, teasing, hips moving forwards, upwards to meet the oncoming orgasm.

I let out a quiet sigh. With my eyes still closed I squeezed my thighs back together, my hand still caressing my sex letting the sweet pulsations fade. James was standing at his window, he looked on smiling. One palm on the open window, he was naked to the waist, glistening, his jeans were unbuttoned. His large erection protruding proudly, throbbing in his hand…”

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4 thoughts on “YOU Nº2 – A naughty tale to tell … part 1

  1. Loved this – I could just feel the warm sun on my skin as I…
    Oops. I got a little caught up in the tale. 🙂
    I try to write (erotica) around what I know and what I’ve seen and experienced first hand. Occasionally, if I’m stuck, I might actually go out and seek out the very scene I’m writing about.
    Purely for research purposes, you understand.

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