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What was I watching the other night that had over 2m other people all watching too? Hmm wasn’t the most exciting sex programme I admit, but I did take a peek nonetheless at Channel 4’s Sex Box, a lot of us did! But that’s just it, we are all so fascinated in anything sex related and I think at the same time all rather bemused that couples would want to go into a cube to discuss their activities. There was no voyeuristic opportunities in an opaque cube, or great stimulating chats over their activities, but there was still the sheer fact that this programme was even aired. We are all becoming just that little bit more accepting of sex than we have been before, and that’s certainly not a bad thing, we just need to be careful how we manage the image of sex. That I believe is very key.

What I did agree with, were some of the comments associated with porn. The ‘sexperts’ a panal of 3 individuals, and in particular Dan Savage, agreed that good porn was valuable and educational and there should be a place for it in such an instant online culture. Sadly it is way too easy to access the very blatent, crude and more disturbing and confusing imagery, yet harder to find the true portrayal of elegant real sensual sex. Porn doesn’t always need to be seen as damaging and a negative slur on sex activities, but if I had my way, and I do hope so, there would most certainly be an alternative offering to add fantasy to our fun.

But back to the couples on the night, sadly there was no erotic experience in my mind gained in a little cube with a limited period of time. That’s probably why they struggled to answer the more direct sexual questions. Though we never had a chance to see inside! Personally I think they missed an opportunity to show sex as a beautiful and pleasurable indulgence. There was no sensual eroticism, our minds didn’t wander but just switched off.

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