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I do find I get a wonderful little tweak of self-satisfaction when I receive an email, such as the one that landed the other day. Having first replied to a standard non-personal enquiry, often some not even addressed to anyone at all, I messaged back to be confronted with their response, “you really are a woman then, wow that is so horny, I didn’t know if you really existed.”

You could say I rather enjoy sending those reply emails, a little bit of personal titillation, that I can offer a degree of shock and surprise in such a way when they get their email response. It is very easy I admit, particularly with an online site to not realize there are real people behind all of this, we seem to be swept up in such a digital age that we assume robots control it all. Yet there really has to be, it just doesn’t and can’t happen on its own. There have to be people with the creative mindset to want to create beautiful scenes and erotic stories, and all published for you to enjoy.

However I do think above that fact, the extra thrill has to be that a woman has created this. Oh and believe you me, it’s double-sided, as I too get such a kick knowing that my naughty thoughts and concepts are behind what you see and enjoy here today and that I have created the interest and following that is growing rapidly in numbers.

The style and nature of FrolicMe certainly shriek that there has to be a woman’s perspective in there. And indeed why shouldn’t there be. There are a growing number of fabulously talented female film-makers now producing some very creative erotic sex movie, in my view giving a bar better balance when it comes to portraying sex online. We are after all the main devourers of written erotica, so it’s all in our minds we just need to be bold and daring enough to release our vision into the world.

So next time you want to send me a message to don’t be so surprised when I message you back, and yes I am real and a woman.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t be surprised, there most definitely is a woman creating this erotica

  1. Well not surprised at all for the fact that you are a real woman with naughty thoughts. I like reading your blog

    • Women do have such naughty minds too, just don’t always feel we can act on them. That’s why we love reading erotica so much too! Imagine what it’s like when I start planning my films. Loves Anna xx

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