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Just the other day my copy of this week’s Grazia magazine landed on my doorstep. Like many girls who enjoy a cheeky flick through a magazine, I am nothing different there, but one of the articles caught my eye this week. Although it was referring to the “allure of a toxic ex”, or in this article’s case, an ex lover who had the ability to entice back an ex lover he had hurt before. The bit that did catch my eye was this quote, “the adrenalin rush of leading a double life is so intoxicating it’s addictive.”

Now for myself I could get that on so many levels. Firstly of course there is the fact that I founded this ever so slightly….urh definitely naughty site while maintaining a wonderful and very happy domesticated family life. Then there were the other levels, the deeper levels that, I could equally understand so well. That rush of excitement from a sexual thrill, that high that you have when you allow yourself to not feel you have to conform in all areas of your life, but allow yourself the pleasure of a private sexual thrill. Your secret thrill.

I do know that for some members, they have joined my site while preferring to maintain a private, discreet membership, enjoying the additional thrill when they dip into my world and delve into watching and reading erotic pleasures of others. There are those that have joined as a couple, allowing this to be their little secret, a saucy taste to heighten their own life together. Sadly we are aware that not everyone might share the same taste or view and therefore ironically by keeping it a little secret it just fuels the excitement even further and intensifies the pleasure we can get from such actions. Sex is highly addictive, the thrill can be intoxicating, and in the case of the article, having what she felt was an illicit affair with her ex that no one knew about was addictive. Why? Only because she felt she had to keep it a secret.

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