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Three tangled lovers come together once more

The definition of Don, Edward, and I can often get tangled up…. but maybe that’s because we are often tangled together. You see, we have our own understanding, our own threeway triangle of love that doesn’t follow any traditional script. It’s a script we made as three.

When we come together, we fuse as one: one body, one soul, one sensation… pleasure.

Though more time than we would have liked has passed since we last joined as one, and now we are finally reuniting again. The thought of our coming together builds a knot of anticipation low down in my stomach as I reimagine the three of us together. Will it be like last time? Will it be better?

I had nothing to worry about. When we reunited, at last. It was as if nothing had ever changed… our passions were one, and we came together in a combustion of heated, passionate threeway sex. A natural fusion of desire.

A beautifully erotic audio porn story of natural threeway sex between soft bi lovers. This is the perfect prequel to our female-produced adult movie ‘REUNITED‘.

Enjoy this sensual audio sex story and immerse yourself in our world of ethically produced multi-media erotica.

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