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An audio story of a passionate reunion of past love

This is a passionate story of how a past love never dies. Long lost lovers find each other again and seal their bond with some lustful reunion sex. This raunchy audio erotica begins with Antonia spying on an old flame at the bar as she happens to be celebrating her recent divorce. Could there ever be a more convincing sign from the Universe that you’re ready to reconnect with your soulmate? It’s clear that George feels the same and they sneak away, unable to keep their hands off each other for some desperately passionate past love.

Sometimes your body just knows, and these two fit back together like they’ve never been apart.

The day seems to dawn all at once, but as I open my eyes slightly, I realise she’s awake and just opened the curtains. I catch sight of her silhouette and smile to myself. It wasn’t all a dream. My cock and balls ache from fucking longer and harder than I ever did before. It really happened, she’s really here, and yeah, I fucking love her.

I’m not sure what’s happening at first as I continue to regain myself, but the sudden sensation of her silken hair tickling my thighs sends a bunch of signals to my brain, telling me to prepare for more of the same. Yet I find my senses completely fried the moment she hoovers my awakening dick into her mouth. How does she do this to me?

“Oh, darling, ohhhh,” I groan, as it dawns on me, she’s found her way to me under the covers and is licking me awake…

This is a gorgeous story of the raw and feral connection of being with a past love, turning to something more intimate and sweet as our lovers spend the night together, waking in each other’s familiar embrace. Written by FrolicMe author Sarah Michelle Lynch, to accompany the beautiful erotic film, Morning Motel.

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