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Woman takes control of her alpha lover

In this sexy erotic roleplay story, we are introduced to Jared, who is usually in charge of his sexual situations. It is at odds with his relationship with Meredith, who also likes to be in the dominant position.

Join them in this hot audio porn scene and listen in as Jared wrangles with his contradictory feelings but knows deep down what’s good for him. To hand over the power to his gorgeous woman, to allow himself to be at her mercy, is a challenge for Jared, but it makes for one very sexy erotic roleplay sex story.

Jared usually thinks of himself as an alpha male. He likes to be in control, to direct all the action. It has been one of the bones of contention with Meredith because she is a strong take-charge type of woman. Sometimes, Jared feels a power struggle between them, especially in the bedroom. He likes to be the one to end up on top in the end.

Meredith strokes his dick, watching him struggle not to come and runs her sharp nails around his shaft, pinching lightly at the sensitive skin. Jared howls with pleasure. She strokes him some more, the leather making the experience sublime. She leans in and takes his mouth, devouring him, leaving red lipstick over his lips and cheeks.

Listening to our erotic audio gives you the opportunity to imagine yourself in a different sexual situation and one that you might not choose in reality. Give in to yourself, indulge in new sensations, thoughts and feelings and explore what you might find exciting in a safe and thrilling way. This sexy switch story shows what can happen if you hand over control and let your lover unlock secrets of your body that you never knew existed.

This audio porn story has been written to accompany the erotic film, Controlled Pleasure, which you can view in full cinematic quality to complete your experience of Jared and Meredith’s power exchange.

Read all about the author and BDSM sex coach, Dr Lori Beth Bisbey.

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Read all about the wonderful author: Dr Lori Beth Bisbey

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