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3 thoughts on “When three lovers become one again

  1. This is such a hot fantasy for me. I would love to be part of a male, female, male, tender sexual interlude that crescendo’s with wild passion and thrusts of hard shafts and a hungry cunt. Me being a male, makes it difficult to express this as you never know how it will be received by others and their ideas of sensuality, their ability to get caught up in the moment, and their preexisting ideas about bisexuality between males. I admit that my wife gets turned on only because I am turned on by it. I wonder what her thoughts would really be if I let it all go with another man and she sees me being penetrated by a throbbing cock, while my legs are in the air, while our mouths kiss deeply and passionately. After all, I want to see her in absolute ecstasy with another woman, or man. I just wonder if things have gone on too long with only her same sex dalliances being acted upon. I hope we get our pansexual feast of love and lust and explore new desires, feelings, visuals, and most of all ecstasy, no matter our gender. Breakfast would be fun the next day, with mimosas and croissants and then an encore of our symphony of love in the shower!

  2. I’ve always been turned on with the thought of having a threesome for the first time it turns me on with the thought of taking a big beautiful cock into my mouth feeling it swell while she is so turned on watching and taunting on I want to suck his costume bringing him to an intense orgasm feel him squirt hot cum into my mouth cock is throbbing now may be one day I will get the right couple to fulfill my fantasy

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