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Couples first date and unexpected erotic adventure

Couple’s first date and unexpected erotic adventure. 

It’s the perfect day for a romantic first date which turns into a horny adventure in this beautifully read audio porn story. Don did not expect his first date with Victoria to be quite so flirtatious, but it’s clear from the second they meet that she has more than a country hike on her mind. The chemistry is palpable, and they simply can’t keep their hands off each other, desperate to find a secluded spot…  

It all started with her bold introduction – ‘what an absolutely perfect day for a fuck’ – I had never heard such a beautiful sentence from such a pretty mouth. And we hadn’t even got into pleasantries yet. 

The sun shone through the forest, illuminating the leaves a brilliant green and speckling the floor with shards of white light. It was indeed a splendid day for a fuck, but I didn’t tell her this. Instead, I took in the large bag that sat beside her feet. We were meeting for a picnic to enjoy a wholesome summer’s afternoon together. 

Dressed in leather sandals, her natural blonde hair tied up in a plait, and a worn straw hat perched on her head, she epitomised her surname, ‘Pure’. Yet as I took in her ensemble, she repeated her statement turning the question onto me, ‘Don’t you just think it’s a perfect day for a fuck?’ 

Well, yes, I did, and yes, it was… 

A beautifully romantic erotic audio porn story of a couple’s first date, full of sensual erotic lovemaking and spontaneous summertime fun. Immerse your mind and body with the full erotic feast – audio for starters, the film for a main, followed by the glorious dessert of revisiting and reading the story. We hope you enjoy this wonderful summertime sex story by the PJA Woode

Read all about the wonderful author: PJA Woode 

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Read all about the wonderful author: PJA Woode

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