A sensual MMF threesome is a feast of pleasured lovemaking

Sex is fundamentally about pleasure, and the joy of having more than one partner can surely only increase and enhance that pleasure. And that’s exactly what’s going on here in this sensual and arousing MMF threesome porn video where our triad of lovers Lovita, Edward and Don are reunited once more. We first fell in love with them and their gorgeous connection in Double Dip where we witnessed their joyful passion and appetite for one another.

The film opens with the stunning Lovita cherished so lovingly between her young beaus as they alternate with their soft indulgent kisses. Fingers move to touch so sweetly, Edward delicately arousing her soft feminine folds and with doing so, Lovita takes no encouragement to entice her charming men to bed. The natural chemistry of this sensual triad of lovers evolves where lines of sexuality become blurred and we’re simply watching a beautiful tangle of bodies pleasuring and feasting, enjoying all aspects of their lovemaking.

Lost in one another and their own sexual fantasy porn, this menage is arousing in the extreme. Oh to be part of such a loving, intimate and sexy bond. The kisses shared, the moment when Lovita takes both her lovers inside while Edward eats her pussy and Don fucks her. Oh my goodness, the ways we can fit together and find pleasure is seemingly endless in this truly sensual yet very horny triad of lovers.

What makes this such a unique and special erotic porn film, is the obvious on and off-screen chemistry between the three, they are truly attracted to each other and this comes through with every caress and kiss throughout, right to the end where we are rewarded by a lovely display of intimacy and affection.

This beautiful scene is pure pleasure and connection exploring the joys that can unfold through some gorgeous sensual intimacy.

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33 thoughts on “A sensual MMF threesome is a feast of pleasured lovemaking

  1. Loved Double Dip and loved this too (although the guy falling short of a full suck is improbable, why did you shy away from this?). A combination of this nd Double Dip with your production values would be superb – ie guys sucking each other and both climaxing inside her again.

  2. This film and the last one are my favourite of all time. I’m a straight guy but my wife and I absolutely love these films. Seeing 2 guys enjoying each other with a woman is unbelievably hot. Just the right level as well. I’m not into seeing guys penetrating each other, but seeing them enjoying touching and sucking with a woman enjoying it too has been great.
    More please!

  3. I keep hoping that one day you will share a film with bisexual men who fully enjoy one another’s bodies. Whether with a woman or as a couple or maybe an all male threesome. Your work is so erotic and I would love to see the focus shifted to include male on male sex.

  4. Love this video and the previous one, too. Ready for a full bisexual MMF though! It would be so hot to have the guys give each other full oral and have at least one guy bringing the other to completion either orally or anally… so hot. This video is still amazing though! Everything you all put out is great!

    • Wow . Beautiful film . The men are to die for ! Love bisexual though I’m not myself . Love men !

  5. I am a straight male but still would have liked to have seen one of the guys suck to completion.
    Maybe the lovely Lady peg one of the boys to dominate

  6. Something about this was not quite as hot as the original Double Dip, but I still really liked it. Please do more bi content, Double Dip is the hottest bi scene I have ever watched.

  7. This was listed under BLOWJOBS. I loved the 3 way action MFM……and the teasing cock contact between the guys. I wish there was a specific header to select for MFM Trio Bi!!!

  8. I have had several straight MFM experiences with 3 couples. This is a little tame. There are better MFM videos already on here. The lady was crying out for DVP or a DP.

    This is a great site, however the male talent in this video is somewhat lacking. The male haircuts are dire to the point of being comically bad and this factor alone reduces their credibility to zero.MFM should be the pinnacle of erotic adventures, however this falls a way short.

    • I am sorry to hear this one didn’t quite tick your box when it comes to erotic films, however I am sure your own personal experiences will always be up there as an erotic adventure you have enjoyed which is going to be hard to beat.

      With regard to hairstyles, while I do understand your view, its so personal to the individual themselves and it can often be a surprise to us when they have changed their style just before a shoot and not always the easiest thing to control.

  9. Dang!! Seriously….. so well done. Thank you so much for listening to your patrons. Threeways are always hot MMF even more so. We both enjoyed the hell out of the movie and would encourage you to consider more MMF in the future

  10. super hot scene – would love to see some fuck licking scenes (where the guy is eating her out at the same time she is getting from the other).

  11. This was wonderful. However, it still falls short of a real bisexual male scene…where both the woman and the men are equally attracted. Sure, the guy sucked on his balls but never puts his cock in his mouth. I’m just saying by judging from a lot of comments that I’m reading, there are is a significant bi and gay presence. Your cinematography is exceptional. Would live to see it explore every aspect of sexuality. You have male/female , lesbian, MMF ( with a hint of male bisexual attraction)…push the limits further.

  12. Thank you for bringing these three back! Double dip is the reason I signed up to this website. Love love love!

  13. Really hot. Agree — more like this, more bi-action from the guys, maybe even a bit of sexy and consensual light dom…? 🙂

  14. Great you’ve included male bi action at last. Beautiful film but why did you stop short of the guy properly sucking the other one? Hopefully you can get a little more adventurous with future bi scenes….

  15. Wow thanks for bringing these three back! This time the action escalates, the men are becoming more familiar with each other and relaxing their boundaries. Can make a hundred films with these three, or this theme, thanks much we enjoy.

  16. Another beautiful portrayal of how exotic and thrilling a respectful threesome can be. All three felt free to get lost in the moment, and allow themselves to be simply “sexual”, with no hang-ups on labels. The world needs more scenes like this, where people are allowed to enjoy each other fully and lovingly.

  17. Ooh, I LOVED Double Dip, favourite movie of all time and I’ve been waiting for a sequel for months… but this video was so disappointing 🙁 The guys haircuts were so terrible that it kept distracting me, and I just totally wasnt feeling their connection this time. Please give us a double penetration video one day too!!

  18. The very end is my favourite. Everyone is satiated and enjoying being together. Tender touching and caressing. I love these three! The envelope has been pushed as requested (myself included!) It’s an MMF threesome where she is the focus. The boys are comfortable with each other, there is no awkwardness and their touches and kisses are spontaneous. Beautiful.

  19. Absolutely my favorite film. These three definitely have chemistry together. So erotic! Looking forward to more films with this trio!!!

  20. Wow got to love that
    So damn hot
    Hope there is more like that to cum
    So erotic , people enjoying and sharing sexual pleasure as life intended it to be
    Yum yum

    • Oh my! More more more like this please. I remember these three from their other film together. This one is even better! Lucky girl!

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