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The erotic experience of solo pleasure

Allow this delicious self-seduction audio porn to cocoon you in the erotic experience of listening to the story of Sofia pleasuring herself with her wand vibrator to a satisfying orgasm.

Is there anything sexier than a woman who owns her right to her pleasure and absolutely adores her body, delighting in all the sensations it brings? Feel exactly what Sofia feels as she talks you through her self-seduction all the while watching in her beautiful antique gilt mirror.

I used to masturbate in the dark. Watching erotic films on a screen that cast an orange light over my naked body, I’d focus intently on the beautiful people having sex in front of me, trying to avoid glimpsing myself if at all possible. Closing my eyes at the moment of climax so I could picture myself in their place. Nowadays, I masturbate in front of a mirror. Not always watching porn, but sometimes listening to it: headphones on, audio erotica telling me a horny story, focusing on my own body in the mirror in lieu of people on a screen. Taking note of the way that my nipples stretch out the fabric of my shirt or how my cunt glistens when I spread my legs. The curve of my stomach and hips, or the shudder in my thighs as I get closer to coming.

I used to masturbate in the dark, but now I love my body. Learning to adore it has been the most valuable sexual journey I’ve ever embarked on…

This is the story of a woman who has been given permission to love herself by herself, and she is absolutely blossoming and taking control of every moment.

Slip on your headphones and indulge your body, giving in to self-seduction and your craving for a gorgeous long audiogasm. Complete your immersive experience by watching the film featuring the stunning Sofia and her solo orgasmic adventure.

Audiogasm erotic story was written and read by the wonderful author, Girl on the Net.

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