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A woman enjoys sex with multiple men on her husband’s desk

The lady of the estate demands attention from her extremely hot staff and they willingly oblige in this very sexy audio porn story of multiple lovers in her reverse harem worshipping and adoring her. This taboo tale with a boss taking full advantage of her sexual powers will have you squirming in pleasure just as much as she does at the hands of all of her gorgeous men.

I sat back and was handed a dry vodka martini. I smiled as I took a sip, feeling the alcohol burn my throat as I swallowed. I popped an olive into my mouth, which reminded me that something even more luscious was going to be in my mouth fairly soon.

Finishing the martini is like my ringing a bell—a signal to my multiple lovers for my slut servicing to begin. My very own reverse harem if you will… And I couldn’t wait.

A hand slid over the nape of my neck, down my shoulder and swept across my chest, the palm gently tracing the contours of my boobs through the black cups of my bustier. Electricity sizzled through me at the touch, especially when another, different hand appeared and joined in, gently pulling the gown from my shoulders.

My face was stroked tenderly, and as part of me sank into the utter pleasure of all the sensations, another part awakened, impatient for the fucking to come.

And you know me. I’m the kind of woman who gets what she wants…

This is a very hot tale in a reverse harem style featuring many hands making light work of our lady and graciously obeying all of her commands. Written by Persephone Blackwell to complement the erotic film Fulfilling, of erotic group pleasure, which you can watch now in beautiful cinematic FrolicMe quality. Dedicated to bringing you the very best in ethically made porn for women.

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