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Sexual woman is aroused as man’s describes his horny wank in detail

Surrender your ears to this erotic wank story of Sylvan beating himself off by the pool, recorded to arouse and tantalise your mind, body and soul.

Sylvan was not prepared for the answer his new lover gave when he asked what turned her on the most. She was immediate and firm in her reply. She wants Sylvan to take his own hard cock in hand, alone, and masturbate for her until he spurts his pleasure over his own taut torso. Then… she wants to hear all about it in every sordid sexy detail. She wants her very own tailor-made and very personal male wanking story, and our Sylvan is only too happy to oblige.

Join him poolside as he prepares to fuck himself silly for his woman, leaving no detail out for her to devour later.

My cock grows, blood plumping the cells, making it harder. I try to pay attention, try to be present as it swells and my balls lift and tighten between my legs. I want to be able to describe these sensations tomorrow. The fluttering feeling. The tightening, pulsing, the heaviness. I reach into the water scooping up a palmful and drizzle it over my now, hard cock. I shudder as it splashes down my shaft, tingling between my balls. I wrap my fingers around my dick and run the flat of my thumb over the head, the dip of my slit where precum oozes…

What a lucky lady to have such a personal detailed male wanking story, but she’ll have to wait to hear it. You, on the other hand, you can don your headphones, get comfortable and immerse yourself in the joys of listening to our gorgeous erotic audio right now. This masturbation fantasy story was written and recorded specially to complement the film, Just Sylvan, which you can watch in beautiful cinematic quality to complete your erotic experience of this masturbation scene.


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