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Male masturbation story of a naughty wife’s surprise gift

Reminiscing over the after-party in the early hours of the morning, Sylvan receives a surprise package. A small box with some details attached. Ever his naughty wife, who had missed out on joining him at a rather hedonistic party of carnal fun had sent her husband a surprise item for him to use. Upon opening the gift, he soon realised what his wife’s intentions were. He was presented with clear instructions to use his gift and enjoy a sexy wank. But not alone, within moments his phone was hot with messages as she engages in some very arousing sexting, ensuring they both would enjoy this gift.

Enjoy hearing this erotic male masturbation story come to life in our beautifully recorded audio porn. A naughty tale of a wife’s plan to ensure she too can enjoy some sexy fun while away from her husband. Take the opportunity to enjoy listening discreetly with some headphones on, and immerse yourself in this sexy story of pleasure. You can also enjoy reading this male masturbation story and others within our erotic stories, by clicking the link.

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