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A glorious erotic audio story of a woman wanking on a well-deserved city break

It’s been a long time since small farm owners, Cherry and Franny have had any time away together let alone an actual holiday. After their planned short getaway goes wrong Cherry finds herself alone in town. A solo sex adventure finds its way to her when a mysterious woman gives her a tip to show herself a good time.

The streets thrummed with that unexplainable energy—febrile and buzzing.

I took a seat outside one of the cramped bars, sliding into a bench just as the previous occupants lifted their bums to vacate.

I ordered an espresso with a prosecco chaser as an after-thought. Why the hell not? I even bummed a cigarette from the redhead in the table opposite. She’d held on to it for a split second too long when she passed it over in her long slender nails, beautifully manicured. Was she flirting? Her smile and slight eyebrow raise made me think… perhaps.

I tapped her shoulder for a light and she held my gaze as she flicked on the flame of the Zippo and had me lean in.

Yes, a definite flirtation. It had thrilled me. Sent a bolt of pleasure through my chest and down to my shorts. Images of this woman wanking invaded my thoughts and I had to look away.

She left shortly after but not before placing a card next to my drinks.

“You’ll like this place. Choose Mystery.”

Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and Cherry does just that, following the tip from her mystery click.

We champion female pleasure here at FrolicMe, and this story of a woman wanking with a new sex toy is no exception. Written by FrolicMe author Tabitha Rayne to perfectly complement the erotic movie, Got The Vibe, you’ll love following up this porn audio by watching in full cinematic quality.

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