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Couple indulge in some romantic sexy fun in the snow.

Get cosy and warm the old-fashioned way as you listen to this gorgeous audio porn story of a couple enjoying snow sex in the pristine alpine mountains. Natty and Steve find themselves locked out of their holiday cabin and waiting for the other guests to arrive with the keys. Steve suggests they take advantage of the unexpected alone time by indulging in semi-clad snow sex under the crisp wintry sky…

The cabin came into view. The roof was layered in a blanket of white, the windows dark, and the chimney pierced the blue sky. “Wow, it’s beautiful,” Natty said. “Like something from a Christmas card.”

He took her hand. “We’re going to have a great time.”

“I know.”

“Starting now?”


He set down his skis. “Baby, we have an hour of solitude. An hour where you can make all the noise you want, and only the deer and birds can hear you.”

Natty studied his eyes, deep blue and brimming with desire. She knew him well enough by now to know he had sex on his mind. “Really? Here. Outdoors. A snowy romp?”

“Yeah, really.” He took her skis from her and stepped her towards the cabin under the wooden overhang. “And I promise you won’t be cold.”

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to experience some outdoor sex in the snow without even having to leave the comfort and warmth of your own home? Let the gorgeous tones of this audio porn narration flood your senses with the heat and arousal that a good story can bring. Written by FrolicMe author Lily Harlem, this is the perfect accompaniment to the ethically produced erotic film Fucking Chilly which you can watch now in beautiful cinematic quality.

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