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HER PORN - Audio

Girlfriend hires videographer to make her own fantasy amateur porn

A homemade sex tape story of an elegant girlfriend’s desire to make her own porn video:

He didn’t know what to expect when he showed up for his latest client meeting. Of all the times he’d been working as a videographer, he’d never had such a beautiful woman sit elegantly across from him, asking to be filmed with her boyfriend in her own amateur porn movie.

It was definitely a first.

He struggled to swallow as he watched her timeless, elegant face and those sexy plump lips speak such naughty words. It took a moment for what she was saying to sink in, but when it did, he quickly recovered his professionalism.

She tossed her hair unaware of his mometary surprise and the effects her words were having on him, and continued to describe what she was looking for. A beautiful sensual porn film, she said. So I can watch myself be pleasure, kissed and blissfully fucked by the love of my life.

A blush crept up his collared shirt. This was some woman he thought to himself, admiring her assureness and head on ability to get what she wanted. And she clearly knew what she was after.

He tried not to think what the sex film would look like. If she was this confident when dicussing the topic, the film would be – wow, he stopped his thoughts.

“I’ll clear my diary.” He said.

She smiled and her plump lips seemed even sexier than when he’d first sat down.

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