Naughty thoughts of imaginary fuck while late-night driving

Being horny with thoughts of sex is normal, but sometimes it surprises us at random moments when concentrating on something else. A late-night drive perhaps, when alone can trigger erotic sexual images and imaginary fuck, and before you know it a whole fantasy has intrusively invaded your mind.

So was the case during a long journey, the road dark and lonely until that fanciful vision of a woman ahead disturbed Daniel’s thoughts. Her face unknown, shielded by the brim of her hat, until that moment she stepped into the headlights.

Well, what else could he do but pull over and see what help he could offer this lone woman standing in the road in the middle of the night. Turns out, it was what she could offer him that became the focus of his naughty thoughts of imaginary fuck, starting with a most spectacular hot blowjob. The woman leads him to his car and falls to her knees before him, freeing his cock and devouring him with lustful late-night passion.

Surely every driver’s fantasy—your cock, straining against your trousers as you navigate the twists and turns of the road in darkness, perhaps you know the route so well, you’re on autopilot, allowing your mind to travel to those places your cock wishes it was.

It’s not long before Daniel and his mystery woman get into the back his car and it’s his turn to explore her desperate body. He fingers her hard, her pussy soaked with desire, luscious wet noises fill the atmosphere as he fucks her hard, letting us know exactly how turned on she is.

It’s just what she’s been craving and as she removes her coat to reveal her scarlet lace lingerie, we know she’s been planning this all along. Who knows how long she’s been waiting for a car to turn that corner to find her, a lust-crazed woman fulfilling her ultimate sexual fantasy porn. Is this sexy lingerie porn simply made up of naughty thoughts of imaginary fucking or is this a real-life rendezvous between two horny people on a very lucky streak?

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5 thoughts on “Naughty thoughts of imaginary fuck while late-night driving

  1. Another creative film well shot. Thank you! I must say before it dropped and all we saw was the teaser still shot I was hotly anticipating a Dogging story. Maybe you’ll consider that soon?

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