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Submissive Kitten Story

I do not belong to myself.

I belong to the one who deserves my submission.

I belong to the one who has earned my trust.

To him I give my darkest desires.

To him I give my most sexual fantasies.

I am his toy and his pet.

I am his most coveted prize.

I serve him and do his will.

My body is for his pleasure.

I seek to be pleasing and to please.



He keeps me waiting.

Always waiting for him.

Always wanting him.

Always longing for him.

I am to do nothing without his word.

I am to do nothing without his approval.

I yearn for him.

I wait.

I obey.




The smell of the leather arouses my lust.

His chair.

Our chair.

I sit in my place with my hands on my knees, my head lowered, and my eyes closed.

He approves.

I remain still and silent.

I obediently wait for him.

I submissively give to him.

I reverentially worship him.

I am his.

I am owned.

I wait.



I long for his kiss.

I long for his lips and tongue to awaken me.

I ache for his touch.

I ache for his strong hands to control me, to manipulate me.

I need his control.

I need his commands.

I need his dominance.

I need his BDSM.

I belong to him.

I wait.




His kiss stirs my passion.

His lips pressed against mine tells me desire.

His touch burns my flesh and sears my heart.

His fingers glide across my skin leaving a trail of hunger and want.

He slowly and patiently touches every inch of me.

I obey and remain still.

I am pleasing.

He examines and inspects that which belongs to him and only him.

My body is not my own.

I belong to him.

I wait.




He lowers me to my knees and I gracefully bow down in front of him.

I control my anticipation and hunger.

I control my appetite.

I must be pleasing.

He unzips his trousers and releases his manhood.

My eyes feast on the sight of him and my mouth waters.

I slowly bring my mouth forward and lick the bead of pre-cum to taste his sticky sweet saltiness.

I slide my eager tongue down to the base and then I bathe his entire cock with long strokes that go from the root of him the tip.

I swirl my tongue around his head before I take him full in my mouth and receive him with gratitude.

Yes, this is what I want and need.

I give him what he wants and needs.

I am pleasing.



I delight in devouring him.

I worship him, licking and sucking him with pure satisfaction and pleasure.

He pushes his shaft deeper into my mouth.

I receive every inch of him.

He thrusts in and out hitting the back of my throat.

I fervently slide my mouth up and down his beautiful stiff shaft.

I greedily envelop him and allow him to own my mouth.

I was made for his enjoyment, my enjoyment.

I am pleasing.



He slowly releases himself from my mouth and pulls me up to stand.

My juices drip down my thighs and my pussy begins to pulse in anticipation.

He sits in his leather chair.

Our chair.

He has me straddle his lap and turns me to face away from... read the rest of this story please login or register to read the full story free.

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