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Hot erotic lesbian sex story

Traces of my enjoyment from watching the mysterious couple fucking, escape from within me. I feel the stickiness captured between my thighs and let it sodden the dark leather of the club chair beneath. I start to move from my frozen hidden spot. I must go back into the thick of the party but I am still so aroused from what I have just witnessed that I need to stay here for a little longer to quench the ache between my burning thighs. Gathering my panties I adjust my clothes that were disheveled in a hasty manner and leave the sanctuary of the cushions that surrounded me. Stopping at the grey sofa where their bodies were joined, visions run through my mind of the act I secretly witnessed only a few moments ago.

I brush my fingers across the seat to find the warm place their act of sheer lust occurred. I instantly feel a burning sensation run through my body once again from the memory, wishing that it was me he spilled his desires into. Wishing it was group sex. My hand stops moving at the discovery of a bag hidden just under a cushion, discarded along with her clothes. I can’t help noticing its simplicity yet classy features are somewhat like the owner. I rest it carefully on the side of the large chair. I can still feel the seat is slightly damp to the touch where their juices dripped together in unity. I note their presence still lingers here and it is making me yearn for more. I position myself slowly, lifting my skirt out of the way on to the where they were locked. Imaging his hands on me, his mouth etched on mine just like he took her. Slowly at first and then deep and raw. His aroma surrounds me, I want his touch between my thighs, his want releasing into me. I lean back into the chair and let my eyes close at the thought.

Moments later, the door they left from unexpectedly opens again, I sit up straight although this time in full view, I have nowhere to hide. It is she, the blond who glanced my way during their moment of passion. Keeping her eyes on me she enters the room with a confident glide she stops before me. “I have come for my bag,” she says. Her voice still evidently aroused and a little cracked, her mouth swollen from his. I try not to blush or show any other signs of emotion as I go to hand it over to her, images of Lesbian sex flicking through my mind. Her delicate fingers brush pass mine instantly sending a fiery charge straight through me. I’m sure she can feel it too as our hands hover on each other.

A silent pause of unsure words are present in our touch. “Would you like to sit, rest a little?” I ask, waiting to see if the connection is real. I raise my head to meet her warm, welcoming, seductive eyes and I melt into the dark blue oceans. She perches her delicate self next to me. The heat radiating from her body excites me... read the rest of this story please login or register to read the full story free.

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