Erotic morning sex story

I kissed her with ferocity, taking her mouth with a burning possession, tasting her sweetness with deep, languid licks. She whimpered. The vibration sizzled straight through me and stiffened my already erect cock. I pressed my hardness against the firm, silken flesh of her bottom. Being in my hotwife’s presence kept my hunger for her eternally burning, never fully extinguished, despite several years of marriage. She had stolen my heart and I knew I would never get it back.

“Good morning, baby,” she cooed, twining her hand around my neck.

“Good morning.” I smiled and leaned in to whisper in her ear, “I’m so hard for you.”

“And I’m wet for you.”

Her thick black mane of hair lay like an exotic fan across the white pillowcase. Her breath was slow and steady, the side profile of her breasts readily visible. Her nipples stiffened, magnifying the fullness of her ample curves. She was stunning. During our entire marriage, I’d watched her turn the heads of men and women alike, and with every passing year I fell more and more in love with her.

A lazy half-smile spread across her face, an expression she saved for me—a look she gave when she wanted me to tear off all of her clothes and ravage her body. I traced my fingers along her skin until my fingertips met a peaked nipple. She melted into me, pressing her warm, curvy ass against my hard-on. The lush carnality of her body swept over me I grew harder. I pressed my cock against her bottom and kissed her, my tongue blazing a trail from her ear to her jaw, and finally to her hot lips.

She slid her hands along the muscles of my chest and our breath grew rapid and pressured as our tongues probed one another’s mouths. I caught her lower lip between my teeth and she let out a soft moan. Pushing myself upright, I swept the covers aside and outlined a path from her breast to her hip. Then I gentled her onto her back and pressed her knees apart so I could rub her clit over her panties, noting the growing wetness of the fabric.

Cheeks flushed, blue eyes bright, she watched as I lowered myself to her full breast. Her expression displayed the raw, savage effect I had on her. She never hid it, never hid her fierce hunger for me. She was so open and needy and sexy as fuck. My chest tightened.

I kissed my way down her cheek to her jaw, licking and nipping at her neck and then lower, her chest sex-flushed scarlet and heaving. Her full breasts were plump with arousal, her nipples stiffened into hard peaks. I devoured her left nipple, suckling and nipping with need. When I bit down on the beaded tip, she inhaled sharply, her fingertips raking the skin of my back as I slid my hand into her panties.

She was completely soaked. And I needed to taste her.

I lowered myself down and grasped her ankles, pushing her legs up, reveling in her gorgeous curves. Her beauty had grown in our years together, her body more mature, the round swells of her breasts and hips and tiny waist the epitome of womanhood. I slid her panties to mid-thigh and glanced up at her. We locked gazes and she smiled, that sensual smile as she allowed her knees to drop closer to her body, exposing her most private, vulnerable part.

Perfectly coiffed, her slick pink folds glistened in the soft sun that danced against her tan skin. I lifted her legs high for better access and kissed the back of the thighs. Her breath caught in anticipation of what was about to come, and I slowed my descent down, kissing and licking a trail along the back of her legs, a slow, deliberate torture.

Finally, the need to taste her sweet flavour overpowered me and I took a long, slow lick of her silky sex. As soon as my tongue met the delicate skin of her clitoris she audibly gasped. I slid my tongue along her slick folds and her legs parted in response.

Her nectar was intoxicating and my raging cock strained as I lapped at her in long, lazy strokes. She moaned involuntarily and her chest rose and fell with irregular breaths. I reached up and rolled her tight nipple around in my fingertips, eliciting a breathy moan. I watched her face as I slid one finger into her, owning her, and then two fingers. Her lips parted, her skin flushed in a mask of ecstasy. From my ministrations.

Then I pulled her panties off, slow and steady, prolonging the sweet agony. I kissed her feet and when her panties dropped to the floor she parted her legs wide, her sex quivering with anticipation. My mouth was on her the next instant and she moaned, her knees dropping apart even further. She clutched the back of my head and forced my tongue to work until she was dripping wet.

I reached down and stroked my cock, now wet with pre-cum. As if sensing my urgency she sat upright on the bed and pushed me to my back. My hard-on lay heavy and thick against my belly, begging for her expert touch. She knew me like no other woman. Not even my mistress. She grasped the base with her tiny hand and her pink nails looked so perfect wrapped around my thick root. She glanced up at me, her fuchsia lips parted, her mouth curving up at the corner in a sly smile. Then she took one long lick of the crown.

Sensation exploded within me, radiating from my core with that one lick and I groaned. Spurned on, she took me inside her warm, wet mouth. Pink lips covered my cock, her blue eyes pinned to mine as she sucked, taking my length. My eyes widened as she reached the base, amazed she could take it all. She pulled back with firm suction and the air felt cold where her mouth had once been. She pumped me and caressed my balls with her pretty little hand. She licked at the crown, her tongue swirling, slow, leisurely circles around and around and up and down, finally taking me back into her mouth once again. I arched my back in feverish abandon. My balls tightened as my cock throbbed, desperately needing to sink into her, to fill her, to claim and possess every inch of her.

“Stop,” I commanded. “So close.”

I rose up and pushed her to her back, spreading her legs wide where I nestled my hard-on at the entrance to her sex. She reached down and grasped my cock, pumping it, sliding it against her slick pussy. I needed to be inside her. I pressed my cockhead into her pink opening and when I met resistance pushed further, finally breaching her tender flesh.

Her soft moans ignited me further and the next moment I was completely buried inside her, surrounded by her moist heat. I looked down, watching, hypnotized by the beauty of seeing my thick cock moving in and out, repeatedly disappearing into my wife. It was the perfect vantage point to see her plump breasts bounce with every thrust, her engorged clitoris throbbing with arousal. I hitched my thumb under her right knee and pushed her leg back and sank in even further. Pleasure radiated throughout my body from the hot, tight flesh encompassing my cock.

I grasped her curvy ass and with a wild ferocity, flipped her onto her side. I looked down at her round ass, the full, firm flesh, and pressed my cock down between her cheeks. She responded by pushing back with her hips, raising them up so I had perfect access.

I stroked her clit and using the pads of my fingers, traced the slick opening of her cleft. Then using just my middle finger I delved into her and she trembled, her hips rising as I touched her scorching core where my cock would soon follow. I fingered her with a deliberate, tantalizing touch as she squirmed and panted, her sex softening even further.

I rubbed my cockhead against her soft pink folds, up and down, against her clit, back to her ass as she quivered. I repeated this several times until her entire body had broken out in a sheen of sweat. She panted and clawed at the sheets.

“Oh, baby,” she moaned. “Please. I can’t wait.”

Once again, I thrust my cock into her with a low growl. This time her flesh resisted only momentarily before giving way completely. I buried myself to the hilt inside her wet heat. Our flesh slid against one another, hot and slick with sweat. Her softness surrendered to my unyielding hardness. I almost couldn’t breathe for the pleasure.

“Ooh!” She sighed when my cock reached that tender spot deep inside.

“You’re mine,” The words came from my mouth in a guttural, savage voice.

My thoughts returned briefly to my mistress, who I’d fucked in the hotel bathroom only a few days ago. Right now it felt so amazing—like I hadn’t been inside a woman in ages.

I turned her over onto her belly, pulled her hips upward and sank back into her from behind. I watched as I withdrew my cock, the juices so thick and wet I was riveted by the evidence of her heavy arousal. Knowing how turned on she was for me encouraged me further and I plunged into her, ravenous and greedy, filling her from root to tip.

Our animal smell scented the air around us, a thick, pungent aroma of sex. I could feel she was stretched as far as possible, almost too far, so perfectly tight. I drove my cock in and out, unable to stop myself from pushing her to the limit, to take as much as I could, as hard as I could. Her mouth was open and her breathing was rapid, moans erupting from every thrust.

“Oh, God,” she whispered through ragged breaths. “I’m so close.”

I was wild with the knowledge that I could do this to her, impact such an unabashedly sensual woman. The friction of her sex was heightened by the tilt of her ass and when her hips began to undulate, her core clenching, I knew she was close to coming. I pounded my raging cock into her harder and faster, grasping her shoulders and the nape of her neck to immobilize her, my hips bucking. She shrieked as the climax shuddered through her body from head to toe.

Tension built, deep at my core and coiled up, arousal mounting inside until finally, without warning, my climax charged up and I lost all control.

“Ahh, fuck!” I cursed. With a guttural moan my orgasm tore through me, and savagery took over. My hips jerked wildly as my cock exploded, and I spurted hot and hard inside her, angling her hips and sinking even deeper so my pulsing cock filled her with cum.

“Give it all to me baby,” she encouraged as her pussy milked every last drop from me, my entire body quaking with bone-deep shudders.

Spent, I collapsed onto my side, my body quivering in aftershocks, my mouth dry as I tried to catch my breath. She reached around and cupped my face, smiling her sexy, just-for-me smile.

Still buried deep inside my wife, I leaned down to kiss her. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

The End

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  1. Didn’t Care for the mistress part. Seemed to be out of place and took away from the story. Otherwise I enjoyed.

    • Thank you…to be honest I don’t know why I didn’t think of it at the start….love the result now though. xxx

  2. I guess you could call this the last of the trilogy first LIFT KISS then NO TIME and now MORNING FUCK…over 100 amazing pictures and the fantastic story is by Natasha Braithwaite.


    Loves Anna xx

    • I really loved this story I just wished he didn’t have a mistress in this story lol

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