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Sexy brunette in lingerie gets pussy eaten at the dinner table…

His hands found my breasts, and his fingers coaxed my nipples to hard little nubs again, and they ached with every pinch.  My clit began to throb, and I thrust my hips with the arousal that was building again inside me.

“What do you want, my love?” he asked.  I licked my lips and motioned downward with my eyes.

“Taste me,” I said.  He smiled and licked his lips and leaned forward as he pulled my panties to the side.  My clit was so engorged it peeked out above the folds of my pussy, and he exhaled a hot breath on it and I gasped at how good it felt, as he pussy licked me.

And then his hot breath was replaced by his warm, wet tongue.  He swirled it in little circles down one side of my pussy and then up the other, never quite dipping it inside me but hard enough that the pressure of every swirl made its way right to my clit.

I moaned as I ground my pussy against his mouth.  I wanted to feel his soft, wet lips encircle my clit. I wanted him to suck it into his mouth while he flicked at it with the tip of his tongue.  I wanted to feel the wetness of another orgasm drench his lips and chin.  And then I wanted to feel his cock inside me.  Oh fuck, I needed to have his cock inside me.

I looked down and pleaded with my eyes for him to make me come.  He smiled and kept eye contact with me, and then plunged his tongue inside me and lapped up my juices and then slid his tongue up to flick at my clit.  I was riding on the edge of another orgasm, and he was making me ride it, making me squirm.  My legs tingled and twitched as he took me close and then backed me away.  He was teasing me now as I had teased him, and each tiny flick of his pointed tongue sent a blissful jolt of ecstasy inside me that gradually filled me to overflowing.

“Yes, baby,” I said.  My voice was hoarse from gasping.  “Please play me, please make me come.”

“Ah, but we cannot have that yet, ma chérie,” he answered.  He stopped the wonderful tonguing he had been giving me and replaced his mouth with one of his long fingers.  He slid it inside me and I clenched my pussy around it, and that made him smile.  He curled it upward and found my g-spot and I gasped.  I threw my head back and moaned, and he lowered his mouth again to blow warm breaths against my pulsing clit.  First, it was one finger massaging that spot, then two.  My mind floated away as his fingers coaxed pleasure from me that I never had known.  My body quivered and I arched my back to feel the palm of his hand push against my clit.

I lay back on the table and let my hands roam my body.  He licked my pussy from bottom to top, his tongue stopping to circle my clit with every lick.  I spread my legs wider to invite him in completely, to open myself to whatever new pleasure he wanted to give me. I was at that place of beautiful torture, stuck between wanting the arousal to last forever and the wanting to feel my body release the pleasure he was storing in me, but knowing I couldn’t have both.

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But he didn’t give me any choice as he pulled my clit inside his mouth and suckled on it.  I lost control as I felt wave after wave of pure bliss pulse up my legs and through my body.  I thrust my pussy against his mouth with each suck on my clit.  My legs were splayed wide, my body knowing the want I felt to have his hard cock buried inside me.  The sweet, sensual music of my orgasm filled the room.

I looked down and our eyes met, and I could feel his lips form a smile against my pussy.  He lifted his head and I saw his lips and chin were wet with my juices, and I smiled back.

“Would you like to play the next movement with me?” he asked.  I was still coming down from my orgasm, and I nodded and bit my lower lip.

“Fuck me,” I begged.

He stood and unbuttoned his shirt, never breaking eye contact with me.  He unbuckled his belt, unfastened his jeans and slid them down.  I felt his cock spring free and hit the inside of my thigh, and then he moved so it rested against my pussy.  He put his hands on either side of me on the table and slid his cock against my wet pussy, and it slipped between the folds and the soft underside of his cock rubbed against my engorged clit.

“Oh god,” I said. “Please just fuck me.  I want you inside meeee….” I pouted playfully and begged.

“We must build to another crescendo, chérie,” he said. “And then we will have an ending that will be as none before.”

His smile was decadent, his eyes were filled with lust, and the soft skin of his hard cock against my sex was having its intended effect.  I was feeling a stronger arousal now as I felt his cock slide between my sensitive lips.  I felt the head of his cock push agonizingly at the entrance of my pussy, and I wanted him to thrust into me hard.  Instead, he pulled back and slid his hardness back up to my clit.

I was aching to have him inside, and I could tell that his need to push that wonderful hard cock inside me was growing.  His moans grew to match mine, and I knew the feeling of my wet pussy lips on the head of his cock was getting too much for both of us.

“Let the finale begin,” he said, and he slid the tip of his cock inside me.

We both gasped as he held his cock there for a moment.  I contracted my pussy to pull him further inside, and he threw his head back at the sensation.  Inch by excruciating inch he pushed his cock inside me, and each time I squeezed my pussy around him.  His cock felt wonderful as it filled me, but I wanted it all inside me.  I rolled to the side and rested my leg against his shoulder, and he plunged his cock all the way in.

“Oh yesss…” I hissed.  He held it there and ground hard against me to make sure he was all the way inside before he pulled back.  He thrust deep inside a second time, and then a third and then he hit a rhythm.  His thumb found my clit and circled it as he fucked me with his thick, hard cock.  My fingers rolled my nipples and I felt myself climbing another mountain of pleasure, but this time I was going to have someone reach the summit with me.

He pulled out of me and rolled me on my stomach and pushed my knees together as he held my ankles in front of him.  I felt his cock between my knees as he caressed my calves, and then I felt his cock sliding between my stocking-covered legs.  He reached forward and massaged my ass, and then pulled the sides of my thong down toward my knees.  He stepped back and pulled it all the way off, and then pulled my ankles apart.  He leaned forward and playfully bit one side of my ass and then the other, and then licked and kissed them.  I could feel his hot breath between my cheeks, and his tongue playfully lapped at my pussy from behind.  I turned back to look at him, and the wanton look on his face told me all I needed to know.

“We make our finale music now, my love,” he said.  He pulled me back toward him and he plunged his cock hard inside me.  I rose up on my elbows and pushed back against him as I felt his hips slap rhythmically against my ass.  He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back against him with every thrust.  I looked back at him as we watched each other’s pleasure grow.  His cock was even harder now, and I was drenched with arousal.  The look in his eyes was almost feral, and I wanted him to fuck me…hard.

My eyes must have looked the same to him because he pushed my hips down against the table and plunged his cock deep inside me.  His pace quickened and I could feel his cock pulsing against my insides.  I reached underneath and fingered my clit while he fucked me faster and faster.  I turned and looked at him with pure wanton lust.

“I want your cum inside me,” I said.  “Fuck me…make me come.”

“Yes, chérie,” he said. “I will make us both come now.”

He put his hands against my lower back and pushed down.  I was pinned beneath his powerful thrusts, full of his magnificent cock, my fingers strumming my clit.  An animal groan came from deep inside him and I felt his cock begin to spasm.  I felt spurt after spurt of his cum fill me, and that pushed me over the edge.  I screamed with a bliss I never knew as my world went white with pleasure.  We both gasped and moaned and writhed against each other, begging each other to keep fucking, to keep coming, to keep this amazing feeling alive for as long as we could.  Each mutual thrust gave me a new wave of orgasms that gradually ebbed as we slowed and stopped.

He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around me and kissed the nape of my neck and my back and then pulled me close in a warm hug.

“I love how you play me,” I purred.  He brushed the hair from my face and kissed my neck and then nibbled on my ear.  I felt the sweet wetness of our mingled cum between my legs and I shivered.

“There are many more ways I want to play you, chérie,” he said.  “And I will.”


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