Sexy brunette’s first time lesbian encounter

I wanted to kiss Holly’s gorgeous body all over.

The two of us were on holiday in Barbados, and we spent the first day on the beach. We were supposedly there to look at men and hook up for two weeks of hot holiday sex, but I couldn’t help glancing at her body as she lay beside me in the sun. I’d never seen her in a bikini before. This was the first time I was treated to the sight of the lovely smooth skin of her stomach and her legs.

But I wanted to see more. I wanted her hot naked body in my hands while my lips explored her.

At the end of the afternoon we went back to our hotel room. It was five floors up and overlooked the lovely blue ocean. We talked about what we were going to eat that night, and what club to go to, but there was a tension in the air. I was trying to hide my feelings from her, but it was so difficult.

Suddenly she looked at me with her soulful eyes and said, ‘Wendy, can I ask you something?’

‘Of course,’ I said uncertainly.

‘Have you ever kissed a girl?’

My heart began to race.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked.

She stepped closer.

‘I mean,’ she said softly, ‘have you ever explored the beauty of kissing another girl?’

Her eyes were warm, burning into me, searching me out. I felt this couldn’t be happening. It was like my wildest dreams were coming true.

‘You must have thought about it, surely?’ she said. Her voice was so soft, like she wanted to take care of me and guide me to a new experience.

‘I don’t know what you mean,’ I said awkwardly. I looked away out of the window at the sea. Did I tell her that I often watched lesbian porn, and found girl on girl sex the most sensual. My cheeks heated at just the thought.

‘Really? Really, Wendy?’ she giggled. ‘Do you think I couldn’t tell how you felt by the way you looked at me in the office?’

‘You could tell?’ I said, looking back at her in surprise.

‘I could tell you wanted to be kissed… like this,’ she said, leaning close to me and whispering the words gently in my ear.

And then she slowly and delicately kissed my cheek. God. Her lips were so soft against my skin. It felt delicious.

‘And… like this,’ she said, as she warmly kissed my forehead.

I closed my eyes because my head was in such a whirl.

‘And also… like this,’ she said, as she trailed her lips into a kiss on the side of my neck.

Previously, Holly and I had been working in an office in London. It was stuffy and miserable, and it seemed like the city was always overcast with clouds. I had only started a few months ago, and she sat opposite my desk. I was nervous and uncertain about the people there, and the millions of things I had to learn, but on my first day she smiled such a lovely smile and took me under her wing as she looked after me. I loved the way she was so protective. So who could blame me for developing feelings for her? But I had been too frightened to say anything. I kept glancing at her when we were working, and I was obsessed with the curve of her lips, and the sparkle in her eyes, and the little tune she used to hum when she looked things up on the computer.

When we took our lunch breaks together, my heart was bursting with all the things I wanted to tell her. Like how when she typed on her keyboard I wanted to reach out and caress her lovely hands, and even the little things, like when she asked to borrow my pen, made my head tingle with love for her. But I was so frightened of telling her how I felt. Would I lose her friendship? Would she be shocked that I wanted to take things further, and blab it all over the office?

Would she move to another desk? Would she get me fired? I was in turmoil.

But I couldn’t help my feelings. She had a warm, caring heart, and I was falling in love with her. Anyway, time went on and she suggested we go on holiday to Barbados together. We were going to check out the men, but my heart only leapt at the chance to go because it meant we could be together.

Our own private world.

And now, in this hotel room, she breathed softly against my skin and said, ‘Wendy, it’s lovely for a girl to kiss another girl… don’t fight it. Relax. It’s very, very normal.’

And she began to kiss her way up from the base of my neck to the top. Her kisses were warm, soft, and filled with tenderness.

‘Does that feel good?’ she asked gently.

‘Very good,’ I said, still locked in my shyness.

‘Look at me,’ she said. ‘Look at how much I want you.’ She kissed my fingers, and the palm of my hand, and it was so beautiful seeing her soft red lips play gently upon my skin. ‘Can you see?’

‘Yes,’ I said in a whisper.

‘But when lips kiss, that’s the best of all,’ she said, and her hands were gently running through my hair, protecting me, wanting me, and tenderly caressing me. ‘Let me show you.’

She kissed my lips. I could hold back no longer. I was exploding inside. I ran my fingers through her soft hair in response, wanting to make her feel as protected as I was, wanting her to feel the same warmth she was blossoming into my body.

‘I’ve wanted to do this for so long, when I sat opposite you in the office,’ she said....

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