MR BIG - Story

Lustful liaison with her hung Spanish teacher

I have had a crush on Mr Carlos since the second he arrived to teach my University Spanish class. He was my new sexual fantasy. I would watch him from my desk, trying hard to hide the fact I was looking at his cock, bulging provocatively beneath his tight trousers. I wasn’t the only one that had noticed but I wanted to be the only one to suck it, to touch it and to feel it inside me. I wanted to watch him masturbate himself, learn how he liked to be touched, watch the pressure of his hand on his cock.

I could never listen to what he was saying. His accent was so delicious that each time his mouth opened I would dream of those lips against my clit, teasing me and making me wet. If his cock was as big as it looked then I would need all the help I could get!

I kind of knew he liked me too, after he had been teaching me Spanish for a few weeks he asked me to stay behind after class. I was (deliberately) late handing in my assignment and Mr Carlos wanted to see me. The rest of the class left and Mr Carlos closed the door behind me, closing us in together, alone. My heart started to beat so fast I thought it might burst from my chest.

“Now Sissy, is there a problem with your work? Are you having difficulty concentrating because you seem a little far away sometimes in class?” Mr Carlos purred to me in his enchanting voice and it felt like warm melted chocolate being poured over my skin.

As he spoke, he stood a little too close to me, looking me deep in the eye. His face was a mixture of concern and kindness with a definite air of restrained passion. Did he find me attractive? Would he even consider fucking a pupil, I was eighteen but even so, it’s a little inappropriate.

I could smell his spicy scent as he stood near me, all musky and sensuous. I could have torn his clothes off and licked him all over but I had to wait until he gave me a sign.

He put his hand on my arm and the tingles shot through my body, almost knocking me over. His fingers rested on my skin and pushed into my arm a little too much. Then for just one perfect moment, common sense left me completely. I had to do it, nothing in this world could stop me. I kissed him.

For a brief moment he pulled away and it felt like my heart was being ripped out. Then he pushed his lips back to mine, hard and passionate. His strong hand gripped my tiny arm and he sucked me in towards him, his lips exploring my mouth. All my strength disappeared and I could barely stand up.

Then he pulled back again and wrote something on a tiny piece of paper, folded it and pressed it into my palm. Before I could open it he sent me out of the room and closed the door behind me.

I read the note. It was an address and a time, with the word Juan and three kisses. Oh, Jesus Christ. I was going to have to sneak out later!


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