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I loved walking around naked, shedding every stitch of my clothing to feel the simple pleasure of just the air around me. Such a horny feeling when you can comfortably walk around in such a state of undress. I was growing far more at ease with my body, with its fuller ample shape, the form of my curves with their larger than average tits which boys I noticed constantly stared at. Feeling good naked was not something I always felt but a few key moments in my life had transformed the image I had of myself and boosted my confidence. Here in my bathroom I enjoyed quite simply being naked and exposed. However there were other reasons I got naked, just the act itself could spark a naughty tweak inside, maybe that was why I was enjoying being naked so much more. Yes it was liberating, and horny, definitely. Then of course when naked there was always the chance someone might see, catch a little more than a peek; take a full look at all I had to offer. That is the other little kink of pleasure you can’t resist but enjoy, who might actually be watching? As a young girl I always felt a little shy, it wasn’t that I was modest, rather my body grew a little faster than many other girls in my year at school, and instead of embracing my new found development, I felt far more subconscious of my amble breasts. As I grew they became something I tried to keep hidden, yet now as I blossomed as a woman, I became more comfortable in the sexual aura they created. If anything I quickly learnt to love them, love the feel of them, touch them, they had become an asset I should have enjoyed long…


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