Pizza making turns into an erotic masturbation session

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Desire, that delicious tormentor, had plagued my dreams the entire night before, teasing me with the sensation of moist lips suckling my peaked nipples while deft fingers delved wantonly into the aching softness of my cleft. Fingers, lips and tongue massaging and pleasuring my flesh…there was only one whom my mind could confidently conjure as the master over my body, the only person who could leave me quivering and panting for more… As I pillaged through drawer after drawer an idea began to dawn, one I was certain would please in more ways than one. With a mischievous smile I pulled out a pair of hold ups and a matching bra and panty set, my favourite set that I owned by far. I slowly pulled the delicate fabric up my legs before slipping the flesh coloured panties firmly into place, my fingers smoothing down the black lace of my brassiere as I settled it comfortably around the soft curve of my breasts. I ran the palm of my hand lightly across my nipples, teasing them into peaked buds while I ran my freed fingers down the soft skin of my inner thigh, the promise of plump lips and the touch of a talented tongue filling my body with an aching need I suspected I would not be able to ignore… With my hands thoroughly coated in flour I determinedly laid the dough out across the surface of the kitchen island, my fingers sinking in as I began to master it with as much enthusiasm as an admittedly novice in the kitchen could muster. I picked up the dough and slapped it back down atop the table, my fingers kneading forcefully into it as I repeated the process over and over again. My mind began to wander as I worked, each…


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