Romantic couples sex story of their steamy night in

“A romantic night in,” you say. “Just you and me,” you say. “Like it was when we first met.” You lay your hand on my arm. “You know, after we left the party.”

“Sounds good.”

Inside I laugh. That party…

Friday night. A hundred people; dancing and drinking, chatting, milling around. Music. Noise. Chaos.

My gaze met yours across the floor and there was only You.

And Me.

Your dancing eyes. Full of Life. Intelligence. You. Checking me out.

Making my cock sit up and beg.

And your smile.

Your wonderful, bright, white, inviting smile.

We left the madding crowd behind us.

And we discovered each other.

You came to my bed, bringing that smile with you and didn’t leave until the Monday alarm clock told we both had to return to ‘real life’.

Work. People. Responsibilities. Things to do. Bills to pay.

Which life is real?

Was it only a month ago?

It feels like forever.

And it feels like yesterday.

We were a lust-driven couple fucking.

Still are.

I know what you mean by a romantic night in – romantic sex. And my pants tighten. Leaning in over you, I stoop to brush my lips over yours and to thread my fingers into your hair.

So close as this, your fragrance leaves me; that perfume you wear, scented of sandalwood and green tea which, somehow, makes you smell more like you.

I inhale, taking in the first bloom of your arousal; your musk, the aroma that makes my cock want to dance. And right on cue my shaft stiffens and swells…

For you.

You flash those beautiful eyes at me and your smile; that dazzling only-for-me smile of yours. The one that lights your face, lights your eyes…

Lights my day.

“Red wine or white?” I ask. “Chinese or pizza?”

The wine is perfect; deep and...

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