Petite brunette teases boyfriend on chaise longue

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Loose yourself in this rather evocative but simple sexy film with the gorgeously lithe and gamine Chelsea as she sets about to tease her boyfriend who is casually watching her while they sip wine together. The music, which sets the scene so well I simply love, is rich in atmospheric vibe, has a brooding beat and soulful sound I think you will certainly enjoy listening to as you watch the sexy masturbation tease before you. It fits this sexy solo film perfectly.

Chelsea with her gorgeous long limbs, and dancer physique moves in time to the style and mood of this erotic piece. As she opens and strokes her long legs all the time she keeps her eyes on her lover, increasing his desire and stimulating his arousal as she plays explicitly before him.  Spread out on her chaise longue she enjoys exploring her body with her fingers, stroking her skin and in a highly sensual manner before working up to her intimate areas and her sexy little wet pussy. Stroking and probing her sweet pussy lips she ensures he gets to see her being very sexual, before she lets herself be completely overcome by the pleasure she is enjoying, reaching an orgasm and coming as she does before him.  A lot of sexy slow meaningful moves as well as some seriously hot horny kissing at the end of the scene completes this very real erotic movie.

This video had so much to offer I felt it deserved to be a film all on its own, a hot prelude to the lustful passionate encounter they continue in the next film where he shows her how much he wants her. The chemistry is seriously evident with this sexy young couple who had far too much fun filming the scene and when we said cut, believe me they kept on rolling, hence the tempo and pleasure is all so real and clear to see and enjoy. This is exactly the type of film I enjoy shooting, where the pleasure is for all to have, watch and enjoy. As a set of films I believe they will keep your eyes focused and your mind alive.

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