Gorgeous sexy girls in pretty lingerie enjoy a threesome

When you thought that maybe this was just one very sexy blonde in some skimpy body skimming lacy lingerie, you need to count again as this very arousing scene soon becomes a hotbed of girls in this cheeky little threesome porn film.

I think you will agree that this is a beautiful threesome vision of total feminine delight, as our three very pretty bisexual girls, Vanessa, Katerina and Victoria, soon get horny and intimate as they frolic together. Dressed in a manner to get them in the playful mood in dark black seductive lace, they each enjoy the ultimate pleasure of lots of group masturbation, simultaneously arousing each other’s bodies in a very sensual and sexy way.

Girls know only too well that so much sexual pleasure is gained in the foreplay, so here, when it is just the girls, it’s all about lots of delicious clitoral stimulation. You rarely find a lesbian girl rushing at any pleasure-inducing stimulation, and there is undoubtedly no rushing in this hot little threesome erotic sex movie. Be prepared for lots of rubbing, fingering, deep massaging and caressing of all their sweet moist lips. Seeking and arousing each other’s bodies in a manner to ensure erotic pleasure.

Sucking at nipples, tasting lips, licking succulent pussies and penetrating with fingers and tongues it’s a constant scene of erotic indulgence as one girl devours the next, and so it goes on. So you could say it was an absolute feast, a gorgeous female concoction of hot, pulsing girl-on-girl pleasure.

Ooh I won’t say any more other than enjoy this naughty scene of sweet pleasure as only girls can offer when together. One of the first of our romantic lesbian porn films  but I am sure there will be plenty more on their way very soon. Sex is so much more fun in numbers.


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2 thoughts on “Gorgeous sexy girls in pretty lingerie enjoy a threesome

  1. What a lovely trio of sophisticated ladies! It is a total joy to watch them gently sharing their pleasures. A good scene.

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