Petite brunette dancer fucks her lover

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You can just loose yourself immediately with this very sexually inviting film. No time is lost and immediately the moody music will draw you in to this slightly film noir style of erotic scene as the follow on from CHELSEA IN LONDON in which the beautiful, elegant and lithe Chelsea flaunts her delicately toned dancer body before her new man’s eyes. Shot artistically in black and white for additional mood and style, the film gets straight down to business with the opening scene of some glorious erotic fingering on the table. Already with her legs spread before her boyfriend Lutro, he is immediately teasing her wet pussy with sensual movements set to create hot spasms through her slender dancer body. His head at perfect pussy level while she sits on the table, he enjoys the delicious taste of her inviting pussy, his tongue offering such satisfying sexual pleasure for her. The chemistry is all evident, these two are such hot young lovers who thoroughly enjoyed this film and boy does it show. It is such a pleasure to watch each of them loose themselves so with each other. He has a very sexy boyish grin and her coquettish looks add so much to this delightful sexy video.

After plenty of pussy action on the table, he draws her to his lap and then engages in plenty of real tingling, passionate, lustful kissing, he just can’t get enough of her and his mouth is all over her, while his hands take her in her gorgeous toned dancer figure. His cock so hard and horny gets some very tasty action as she kneels before him, devouring all she can, before she finds herself on her back being gently but very sexually pounded by him. Altogether a great sexy scene of young lovers taking great pleasure in each other, with a real loving and horny ambiance, and one of the top music tracks too to combine with the scene. So pleased I got to use it in both this scene and CHELSEA IN LONDON.

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