Enjoy sexy self-pleasure watching a naughty solo

There is so much good healthy pleasure in sexy self-pleasure and self-love. Masturbation is good for you! Self-pleasure and self-love. Sex with yourself—for yourself is a healthy and invigorating pursuit. Indulge your solo sexy side and get some great tips along the way by watching our female masturbation erotic movies.

During these extraordinary times, masturbation is an easy and rewarding thing to do alone. Reconnect with your body and mind in a truly intimate and special way. It’s a healthy pleasure that boosts the immune system too. We love to portray the positive benefits and beauty in our female masturbation videos.  So why not get in the mood for some self-love by watching our lovely Ella seduce herself for your viewing pleasure. She really takes time to set the scene for herself, dressing in a silky shirt and reclining and her velvet chair, you can tell she only has one thing on her mind—pleasure. Teasing herself slowly, taking it one step at a time, she brings you along on her intimate journey. By the time she gives a peek of her gorgeous lacy panties with the perfectly placed seam, you’ll be desperate for some sexy action. So why not grab a toy and take some time to give yourself over to the joys of masturbation?

Ella is clearly an expert in knowing how to arouse and turn herself on, playing with her delightfully erect nipples. She is full of lust for herself, and it is wonderful to see. As she caresses her erogenous zones your attention is at last brought to her beautiful pussy. Like many women who are engaged in understanding and seeking their sexy self-pleasure, Ella has a clit bar to intensify her clitoral sensations. Something many have claimed really does help offer quicker climaxes when stimulated, especially during solo female masturbation sex.

As you will find as you browse through our female masturbation videos, we have many wonderful scenes of women taking ownership of their pleasure and really giving themselves a great time.

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13 thoughts on “Enjoy sexy self-pleasure watching a naughty solo

  1. So sexy except for the item blocking the center view for much of the video. Perhaps the videographer/director thought that was an artistic placement. For me, it is an annoyance blocking the complete view of this gloriously sexy woman.

  2. This is truly beautiful, especially in the beginning with how she touches herself sensuously before actually going for the ‘sweet spots’. I’m a new member here and I do not regret my one year membership one bit. Found you all from a retweet on Twit and this is exactly what I’ve wanted all my life – tastefully made, yet very erotic and sensual sex videos featuring natural women. Thank you for the beautiful site!

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment and delighted you found Frolicme and our own style of Frolicme films which we produce with love, care, passion and female pleasure at the heart. I do hope you continue to enjoy your membership with us. Anna xx

  3. Oh my lovely stiff nipples like previous reply I pleasure myself watching it i’m a 73 year old (very horny) young man,i appreciate the stunning Ella love watching her in action

  4. Ella is always stunning and she’s completely gorgeous here.
    I really love the early parts, I’ll admit to having a real thing about slightly sheer clothing. Ella’s top is just perfect, it just see through enough that you get that beautiful blush as her nipples kiss the material, sheer enough to be un-mistakable while subtle enough that she could play the innocent. And as well as the slight translucence the material clings to her fabulous form. the erect nubbins of her nipples clearly poking against the covering. I’m even more in love than normal.

  5. Hot and sensually sexy
    Beyond Erotic
    I often self pleasure myself
    I’m going to masturbate now after this,
    having watched the clip made me horny

    • Given that other porn sites are not so safe, why aren’t the videos in this site free? If they are free, I’m sure many people would see that porn can be better and safer. And people won’t feel confused after having watched porn, given that many people don’t understand sexuality well enough.

      • Offering porn for free has caused many of the issues in the industry todate. To produce at this level of quality independent production and provide payment for all those involved costs money as well as the streaming and server costs. Viewing of erotic films is no different from mainstream films, and you don’t watch those for free. I believe one should pay for your porn, if we are to ensure an ethical industry to grow.

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