Couple have passionate winter sex feast on table

There were so many names I could have given this film but WINTER FEAST fits the bill so perfectly… I always like to play with the explicitness of my hot erotic films for women and this one is definitely on the NAUGHTY side, featuring hot lingerie porn,  lots of divine cock and fabulous pussy licking moments as you get to watch this gorgeous couple enjoy winter sex, devouring each other on the dining table.

The opening scene where Ryan is nestled between Sienna’s legs says everything about the nature of this very sexual film. It is an absolute table feast of a film offering anyone who loves lots of explicit sex with plenty of tasty and arousing pussy eating action, the perfect film. Spread out in such a desirable fashion with her provocative lingerie beautifully shaping her sensual body, Sienna lies on the table to be devoured and deliciously consumed by the well-endowed and very naughty Ryan. Like any man who is presented with such a tempting feast, he shows his hungry sexual nature, gorging himself on what lies before him.

Moody, provocative, winter sex with lighting to accentuate all of the bountiful curves of Sienna’s body, this erotic film is deliciously portrayed. A horny and highly arousing cocktail of naughtiness where the beautiful and voluptuous Sienna is all consumed as she lies before Ryan. Maintaining throughout his air of a man very much in control who knows what he wants as he sits clothed before her, bar his stupendous hard cock that you won’t miss, either finding its way into a wet swollen pussy or deep into Sienna’s mouth. Once fucked he soon has her on her knees before him and bouncing on his cock, blonde hair cascading around her bare shoulders with her big breasts wildly bouncing free, she looks every part the naughty plaything and every mans pleasure.

This is a wonderfully erotic and a perfect sample of our porn for women films that we offer here at Frolicme.

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8 thoughts on “Couple have passionate winter sex feast on table

  1. So exciting, so arousing….. Even in mind if you cannot be with your lover . I live this film. Sabine D

  2. Loved it, she was so enthusiastic and enjoyed her clit while being fucked. If only she could use a deep throat to take the whole length, finish with that and being finger fucked, perhaps dribbling some onto her breasts

  3. Wow. Sienna loves her tits, and I love women who play with her tits and nipples while getting licked or fucked. Such a huge turn on, and her tits are truly amazing.

  4. Winter Feast is one of the hottest videos I have ever watched. I played it with my husband during our foreplay yesterday while snowed in and it was wonderful. When are you going to post Galleries from it?

    • So pleased you enjoyed it, perfect for a lock in on a snowy night. The gallery images will be published very soon. Based on that film there are some more on their way you will enjoy too! Loves Anna xx

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