Naughty sexy FFM of girls in bed with boyfriend

Are you in the mood for some naughty sexy FFM threesome fun? Well, guess what, so are we!

Is there such a thing as the perfect threesome? Maybe in your head, you have it fully mapped out, the multiple limbs all entwined as the additional number ensures there are bodies touching and caressing every inch of you. Maybe a threesome of all the same-sex brings a certain degree of sexual balance but if you’re the single of one sex to a couple of another sex the balance might not be so easy to achieve.

Well in this deliciously enticing naughty and sexy FFM film it’s clear that the girls, Carolina and Julia are so horny and extremely turned on by each other. At first, our poor Sylvan, though not all fo you would think so, finds the heat of their sexuality a little overwhelming.

The girls are so focussed on each other and their slightly kinky sex that the added fingering from behind from Sylvan as he strokes his cock may come as a slight surprise. Luckily the girls soon take notice of Sylvan and begin pulling him into the action, giving him an equal share in the pleasure as they lick and suck each other into a glorious tangle of bodies and lust. It’s a beautiful exchange and the three are clearly having a brilliant time ravishing one another and taking their mutual pleasures.

Watching your lover’s pussy being fucked as you rub her clit must be one of life’s most thrilling sensations or imagine the feeling of having two people worshipping you simultaneously. Well, we are delighted to help you understand how that may feel by bringing you this extremely naughty threesome porn video for you to indulge that fantasy and get yourself fired up.

It’s wonderful to see people fully give themselves over to the natural delight of being at one with their sexual desires, something we truly embrace and champion here at FrolicMe, providing high quality female friendly porn.

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17 thoughts on “Naughty sexy FFM of girls in bed with boyfriend

  1. We’re with maddie11 on the natural look (although variety is the spice, no?). And bushy Julia is also the most joyfully enthusiastic spark of any scenario with her in it.

  2. Delicious – would love to see the prequel that got them in to bed the night before. Very hot and sexy 🙏

  3. What a stunningly erotic play between three connected individuals, reading each other seemingly perfectly, and flowing beautifully.

  4. They are all equal participants, the chemistry is real and fluid! A++
    This does not seem forced or about one person in particular. It’s also loving and sensual and sexy. Sylvan’s tattoo is hot too!

  5. I also love the natural look -I think it’s really important to show hair – and size of both women and men – it helps us to feel sexy about ourselves cause we don’t all have skinny bodies and freshly waxed tiny pussys – everybody wants to enjoy sex and it’s hotter when there is an array of people and pleasures !

  6. Finally caught up on watching. So beautiful and erotic! I wish I had the nerve to bring a lovely lady to join my boyfriend and I. Maybe someday, if we meet the right person, but for now, the fantasy is fantastic!

  7. Its been a while since a proper black bush made an appearance, and its very welcome. More please

  8. Like two gentlemen ravishing their woman in Give & Enjoy, your threesome films are so incredibly hot to watch together. Not porn but a work in eroticism. There were so many facets to their interactions. Like the voyeurism, solo play, his enjoyment of each woman, and the true lust in their eyes….gota love those models. Nice work Anna (again)!

  9. Very nice setting, everything was looking great, nice close ups. Then At 5:39 my wife turned off the video…. “Way too much bush, on the hot girl #2”, she said! And that was the end of that vid. She said “Pussy love” please, what’s a husband to do…. Turn on what she wants to see!! Nothing negative to say about this one, just not for her. Can’t wait to see the next release. 🤗

    • We totally disagree. We love the natural look – prefer the unshaven appearance for both women and the men. (Obviously some “tidying” down there is good, but we don’t like everything shaved). This is definitely one of our favourite videos. How about a prequel – how did these 3 end up in bed together in the first place? Must be a story there!

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