Carefree lovers enjoy the pleasure of sex in the water

Randomly formed rocks peek perfectly above the line of the water like mini islands as the sun glints across the surface of the sea as we view this hot porn scene. It’s a heavenly location which is both natural and unspoilt. We enter a world of simple Mediterranean living and the joy of natural pleasure, pure love and sex in the water. All is carefree as Ricky swims thought the water, enjoying filming what he sees before he gets to his waiting love. With the sounds of lapping water, our young lovers almost naked in the sea, frolic freely kissing, caressing and touching lovingly. Untroubled by life beyond their moment together, there is nothing but pleasure and real lovemaking to enjoy. Capturing natural sexy photos of his lover as mementoes of their time, they tease and play in the water. Its casual, relaxed summertime love, what seems a perfect setting and a perfect moment for sex in the water together.

Lying against the rock Vanessa’s horniness is so aroused as she teases her love. Revealing more of her beautiful body, she parts her bikini to show her wanting vulva. Ricky needs little encouragement but takes in her advances as she plays the vixen. His hands are soon roaming all over her tanned naked body, exploring, stimulating and pleasuring before they slip between her sweet pussy lips. Stirring her body into further sexual pleasure. His fingers encouraging her desire to climax and orgasm, licking her pussy and  Already keen and hastening their fuck, she fists his cock, before horny wanton oral sex, her mouth taking the sensation of his hard tool. As the water continues to lap at the edge Ricky’s pleasure from his blow job is soon complete, fucking her as she seeks the full sensation of his cock before he finally gets his release. A hot outdoor sex video to remind us of our own horny fun spent in the warmth of the summer sun.

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6 thoughts on “Carefree lovers enjoy the pleasure of sex in the water

  1. Lovely! The sound of water is so erotic. I like the shots of her labia especially. The image of his fingers inside her is beautiful.

  2. That outdoor setting is so beautiful. Please more of those films. The best film of the last few weeks.

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