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Like many of my female members, I shared the view that it was time that we gave a little more attention to the men on my site and give them the equal opportunity to be the main focus in some of my erotic films. Yes, there have been a few gorgeous solo scenes with girls but rarely do we find the same dedicated attention given to our gorgeous men and the pleasure of male masturbation.

So with that in mind I am excited to present you all HARD MEMORIES featuring the gorgeous Dennis and his very handsome cock!

I didn’t want my sexy video to be too explicit, but gave a tasteful flavour of his sexy male appeal and the right amount of focus on his gorgeous torso and fabulous cock. It was about offering an authentic, laid back, sexy style, something I hope could be appreciated by both women and men. Still very elegant but nonetheless naughty.

So feeling comfortable with his body, Dennis sits in his armchair and enjoys watching himself in his own naughty film in which he starred with the lovely Saskia in ESCORT AT HOME. Taking his mind back to that day and reliving the scene by watching the film, the stimulus certainly got him aroused and horny. His self-pleasure is very evident as he enjoys gently teasing and stroking his big cock and wanking himself to completion.

Thank you to those who have already left comments, but I have been very keen to know your thoughts and if you liked to see more masculine body for a change. So if you’re a fan of this film, please take a couple of mins to fill in a comments section at the bottom of this page as I am bursting to know what you all think.

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17 thoughts on “my beautiful male masturbation film

  1. I discovered a while ago that watching men playing with their beautiful cocks was a massive turn on. So yes please keep going. I was surprised I found the solo ladies a turn on too, as I am straight. But anything sexy is sexy.

  2. Finally! I always found it weird how a pornsite that supposedly caters to women too only had female solos but no male ones. With this, and the news that more will be incoming, I couldn’t be happier! Love it!

  3. This video made me so wet!!!! I watched it while my husband was out and when he got home I jumped on him at the door and rode him like there was no tomorrow!!! Definitely a movie to put you in the mood!!

    • Well you will be thrilled to know I have a whole lot more of this type of film coming your way over the next few months…you had better pre-warn your husband as if you thought that was HOT just wait till you see the next one!!

  4. So beautiful, always considered myself straight but watching that film I found myself playing along with Dennis

  5. A very sexy film, even for a straight male. Might have been partly due to how hot he made my wife. She got so carried away she let me watch her play with herself after she had started watching this..wow!

  6. Anna – finally! Oh so worth the wait and pretty funny seeing Dennis watching himself in one of his best films! He is definitely your hottest! Thanks and keep em’ cumming!

  7. Even as a straight male I thought this was hot, never thought I’d ever say that lol.

    Even sexier hearing Tanya’s comments as well xx

  8. I masturbated to that movie too!!! And I would love to strip for him and watch him masturbate. Dennis is hot.

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