Beautiful anal erotica

This is the continuation to the glorious PLUGGED PLEASURE film where the lovely Victoria prepares herself for the delights that await once her carefully controlling husband arrives home.

The opening scene is a sight to behold in this erotic sex toy porn video. Her delicious naked bottom stuck high up for him to see and admire as he enters the room. Dressed in her stocking tights with plenty of flesh exposed, she waits patiently for him, looking so beautiful, elegant and cool in her sophisticated black lingerie and lace mask. It is very apparent from the very beginning his love and adoration for her delicious bottom exposed for him to devour, and the holes he adores to fill are unquenchable. Arousing her and teasing her body so gently, he uses some sex toys to add to her pleasure.

This is a beautiful erotic film full of BDSM pleasure and elegant sensual caressing. His attention offered to her smooth, edible bottom is that of a caring, focused lover whose aim is to give her satisfying, intense pleasure that, in return, he can enjoy, too. There is a control in what he does, he is careful as he pushes the jewelled butt plug perfectly into position before caressing and massaging her pussy with his fingers. He watches her so closely and intently, his nose often stroking her cheek as he studies her responses to his moves.

This erotic film is not rushed but steady in its pace, with a wonderful build-up to his finally penetrating each and every hole she has and ensuring she thoroughly enjoys her anal sex. This is a wonderfully naughty sexy film of a gorgeous couple soaking up the pleasures of anal fucking and where the loving focus never leaves her and she is left so deliciously satisfied.

A visually beautiful lingerie porn film that mixes gorgeous imagery with intense naughty fuckery of a more taboo area of sex. Enjoy the very erotic story ANAL ADORATION by the author Nicci Haydon.


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16 thoughts on “Beautiful anal erotica

  1. I love everything anal! This was far more sensual and respectful than anything you’d find in mainstream porn. Very enjoyable. Thanks LS x

  2. This video reminds me of my wedding night. I was a 22-year-old bride and anal virgin, but that night my newlywed husband introduced me to anal fisting and anal sex. It was the most intense eight hours of my life and a good thing that our hotel honeymoon suite had sound-proofed walls or my moaning would have kept everyone on our floor awake all night.

  3. Would love to see more of this, as well as rimming and anal fingering especially while being penetrated

  4. This was so beautiful! I’d love to see some MFM double penetration too! I was hoping you’d have a nice version on this site but haven’t come across it so far

  5. Please more anal scenes like this!

    My wife and I have just started adding anal to our bedroom escapades and we both enjoyed watching this together.

  6. What a sexy video! You can see that she really enjoys the anal bit… kind of like in the sex stories by Oxii on Sex Above All webpage. BDSM is his thing I would say…

  7. Oh that was lovely. Saskia’s face as she came while touching herself as he was making love to her was one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen in years.

  8. What a lovely film . Please continue to move along these lines. Perhaps with 2 girls exploring each other the same way

  9. more of saskia please with some hot man..just book her for 3 more couple films this months…and this time beautiful cum-shot on her divine face…

  10. Had a fantastic session with my Partner after watching 4 in a row (this was the last) really left a mark on our ‘playtime’ Oh and they were ‘Fuck Me Now’ ‘Peeping Tom’ and ‘Plugged Pleasure’, keep up the fantastic work Anna, it’s much appreciated.

  11. Wonderful film, along with its predecessor. Saskia is stunning and the film was both erotic and sensual.

    More of this and more of her too please.

  12. I believe that Saskia would love Edward to caress her beautiful buttocks, getting ever nearer to the two centres of pleasure before licking his fingers to enable them to penetrate smoothly and sensually. She might even prefer this to the butt plug.

  13. Fantastic film, so sexy and erotic can’t wait to see more thank you xx
    Can you tell me Saskias full name ?

    • Oh so pleased you enjoyed it… she is the very lovely Saskia Daniels, she is also in a few other films you may also enjoy AFTER DINNER and ESCORT AT HOME

  14. OMG at last a wonderful anal penetration film … how beautiful you made it seem …..I look forward to more in the future … it is a feeling like no other and I enjoy it more and more ….thankk you

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