Real orgasm pleasure through solo masturbation

Whenever portraying sex online we should remember, we sexy beings are not all designed the same nor do we explore and experience sex in the same way. Our preferences and choices of how we approach our pleasure, what and how we do it and therefore what we experience will always vary widely.  So when filming different women responding to a real orgasm, we should learn not to expect but appreciate, this is about their pleasure and owning their orgasm for themselves.

We asked the lovely Luna to let us capture her enjoying sex with vibrator such as the Rocks Off Scarlet Velvet bullet and explaining in soft ASMR how she likes to pleasure her body while enjoying her own real orgasm, or in this case multiple orgasms and to tell us what she enjoyed when pleasuring herself.

Luna is very much in touch with her sexual needs and finds masturbating easy and fun to enjoy. She understands the sensual pleasure of touch, which is important even when alone to imagine it might be someone touching her. She explores her body, understanding what sensation she draws from the different areas of her pussy, spreading her lips, exploring her vulva and searching for just that area of her clitoris that offers instant sweet gratification. Using a small bullet vibrator laid just on your clitoris it is enough to send strong regular impulses which can help enormously to bring a woman (and men) to orgasm.

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7 thoughts on “Real orgasm pleasure through solo masturbation

  1. Her stockings are so sexy! I love that she left them on and ran her hand up and down them. Great video!

  2. First time I have seen multiple orgasms on here. A good suggestion from Sabine!
    Can you try one with her finding her g spot and gushing in orgasm?

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