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I often think the unexpected when it happens can be far sexier to watch. I wasn’t going to give too much away with the beginning of this erotic frantic fuck film. My lovely, respectable-looking couple with their fully clothed casual image will not prepare you for the intensity you will later see. So yes, you may be slightly fooled. But this is one extremely hot and intensely passionate scene. One that will leave you wanting more, so much more.

Straight away you will notice in this frantic fuck film there is no music. Their energy is so strong, the atmosphere is alive with their hot heavy breaths. Each scene in this couple sex video is filled with raw passionate drive. The only noise you will hear is of our two lovers as they thrust against the wall, losing themselves in each other. Hands moving swiftly over faces, down bodies.  From the beginning, there is a pace to their moves, a fuelled need to get into one another as quickly as possible.

As the erotic story FRANTIC by the fabulous author Rebecca Sherwin depicts. There is a desperate need to find each other and get their bodies responding. He is instantly into her and quickly moves her gorgeous body onto the Chase Longue where he drinks in her body, rapidly removing clothing in his hastened efforts. Their focus is intense; his fabulous slap to her arse is sudden and meaningful, before he is in between her legs, burying his face deep as he teases her with some hot pussy licking. His tongue exploring and devouring her sweetness. The pleasure is ripe and evident on her face. You can feel yourself in this frantic fuck film; the intensity is real and erotic and alive and therefore is very horny to watch.

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9 thoughts on “My frantic fuck film

  1. “Frantic Fuck” is the only film I’ll ever need. I’m a romance author, and the film is a real-life simulation of what I write – young couples in love who need each other in every possible way. The young lady even has on an engagement ring! So psyched! I just began my membership last weekend; very happy with the site so far. If you never create another film, as long as you keep this one on file, I’ll be very satisfied.

  2. This is my absolute favorite film on your site. It truly feels like a young couple in love and still in the newlywed phase. Their passion feels so real that they can’t get enough of one another and can’t wait to have each other again. So believable. I’d love more couple in love scenes with a backstory. Your site does a good job mixing between fantasy stories and couple stories. More films like this please with unique leadup stories that make the couple’s passion and love for each other so believable! (Some of the early films like facetime, plaything, and escort at home were a lot of fun as well, btw)

  3. This is by far the hottest film on this site! The sex is intense and always leaves me breathless every time I watch it!

    • It is rather good isn’t it…I remember getting ready for the shoot and feeling excited about the ingredients we had managed to bring together. Then when the cameras started to roll…WOW the energy from this gorgeous couple was amazing, I just couldn’t take my eyes of them. I am thrilled you enjoyed it as much as I did and thank you for the kind comment. Loves Anna xx

  4. She looks likes me, she breathes like me, she feels like me..Why can’t it be me? Loving the passion, the intensity, the lust, the wanting, the needing.Shallow breasts, strong cock, fair skin, where do I begin.. Thanks Again beautifully shot. I love being in the room with you.

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