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Couple enjoying quick morning sex

I do hope you enjoy this couple morning sex porn video, its another one of my very hot erotic movies, featuring a very very quick morning romp as my naughty lovers are getting ready together.

Set in the scene of his magnificent white mirrored bathroom, the two lovers are getting ready together after a night spent in his apartment. However thoughts of sex are running high in the mind of Lucie as she watches her lover Mr Delancy walk around the bathroom and into the shower. This is what she is thinking which understandably is how their found themselves enjoying their couple morning sex together, in this female friendly porn video. 

While the water beats softly against the marbled shower, the sound of the constant pouring served as a backdrop for my thoughts, echoing in the cavernous shower more than big enough for two. I moved to our mirrored cabinets so I could watch him as I applied my lipstick. His muscled back stretched and moved as he lathered himself up. I was pulled back to the first time we made love. It was our first real date, a simple stroll through a nearly empty park after dinner, around nine o’ clock at night. We stopped on a bridge, he pressed me against the wooden railing as he kissed me. His eager hands moved down my sides and up my dress as he picked me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist, and his massive erection strained against his pants. I couldn’t feel his skin, but I gripped onto his back as we made out—holding tight—feeling his muscles flex and relax as he took me. After some time, when neither of us could take it any longer he put me down and turned me around. I gripped onto the railing as he slid himself into me. His watch dug into my stomach as he played with my clit, rubbing my sensitive spot with eager attention.

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8 thoughts on “Couple enjoying quick morning sex

  1. Things we loved about this movie: The house looked lived in, which was absolutely great, so many films appear to be made in completely bare rooms. They didn’t get naked the second the camera started rolling, and Lucy didn’t ever take her bra off, which we felt was completely natural. There was breast sex (amazing!) and there wasn’t the obligatory ‘I go down on you and then you go down on me’ substitute for foreplay. And we really liked the shots of them reflected in the mirrors!

    Things we didn’t love quite so much: There was an overall cyan cast that made them look a bit deathly. The level of compression made the footage look very soft – and the bathroom floor actually shimmered because of it, which was distracting. We thought it was very debatable whether Lucy’s head was in it. The two never quite seemed to hit it off, there wan’t very much cuddling during the sex, and dare we say it felt as if it went on too long?

    One really really minor thing! Can we point out a typo in the title? The first word on screen is ‘Staring’ instead of ‘Starring’.

    Tabby, Elaine and Angela

  2. Lucie is all gorgeous creamy white body lovely tits love the way he gives extra hard thrusts, please, please more of Lucie, please can you show cumming out of girls cunts shows guys actually come inside them

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