Natural couple enjoy intimate and loving mature sex together

We know that all too familiar moment, just woken up and time to make the first coffee of the day. George, cup in hand, returns back to the bedroom to find his gorgeous lover Julia still feeling horny from their previous night’s passions.

Gentle sensual cuddles soon give way to more real lovemaking and the joys of familiar and intimate mature sex. These two, so well acquainted with each other’s bodies and comfortable with their desires, know exactly what they want and need.

Julia reaches into George’s boxers beneath his robe, coaxing his cock into hardness. She’s keen for a repeat performance of their previous night’s sex, and perhaps a little more. They share such trust and intimacy, and Julia knows just how to get her way, teasing and sucking George’s cock, licking, and feasting with her expert mouth until he pounces and returns the favour.

Bodies still pliant and soft, the scent of sex drifting between them, George treats Julia to some delicious oral sex, dipping to her ass for some sensual rimming. She bucks beneath his ministrations and it’s almost too much for her to bear, the pleasures tipping her into sexual ecstasy, leaving her breathless but desperate for more. George obliges with a good hard fuck, coming quickly, but there’s still more action to be had. George slides his cock over her slippery cream pie, using their mingled juices to lubricate her sweet asshole, hinting at some lovely morning anal sex. This really is a gorgeous depiction of the delights of mature sex between two lovers.

Julia wants more, she slides on a condom for protection and squirts copious amounts of lube onto his sheathed cock. Taking full control over the situation, Julia lubes up her ass and sinks down onto his shaft to claim her pleasure.

This erotic movie is already a firm favourite with our viewers, this is a very sensual and intimate scene with lovers sharing mature sex in the most natural and deeply passionate way.

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30 thoughts on “Natural couple enjoy intimate and loving mature sex together

  1. 14:34 Beautiful reaction captured by the team. Julia was surprised. Love the way George justifies cumming early and so much by saying to her “You make me so horny”.

    15:43 Another pop by Julia’s man. He is too horny and cannot resist her.

    26:09 No way he came again? I dont think thats real? That condom was filled ? Is this true or fake?

    I have never seen anything like this. If it is true then this is a legendary film.

  2. I’ve got a thing for older men, and this vid satisfies that extremely well!
    He is hot as hell and fucks like a true gentleman.

  3. They are a 🌋 couple, earned🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥, and send in the 👩‍🚒⛑️ 🚑 !! Julia North is incandescent, and George brilliant. Mesmerizing to watch them in passionate action, so endearing with each other, and climaxing continuously, oh oh my! 💕

  4. He is sooo amazing! Could probably make a stone come alive….would love to see him in a solo number…
    Damn good George Uhl!

  5. This is the so much the business. Loving, mature and clearly a mutual fiery connection . More of these two please. 👌🏻

  6. Best scene on frolicme with the the most sexual,hot and manly performer ever. This actor is awesome. I have watched all his frolicme scenes

  7. Hello Anna. Please bring back the actor George Uhl for more scenes. We love him so much here.
    He can cum multiple times in scenes. That’s so hot. Hope we see more of him more frequently

  8. Great mature loving! Thanks for making anal a part of the experience, not the goal! Love the rimming

  9. He actually bears a resemblance to my lover who is now (temporarily) several states away. My word, this was beautiful! A man who can bring a good, strong cup of coffee and a good strong orgasm is a treasure indeed!

  10. Did he really cum 3x in like 10 minutes? Amazing at any age but even more so as “mature” scene. Wow!

  11. So hot whenmale performers can cum multiple times.
    Please do new scene with this actor. He is so good

  12. 14:30 minute is one of the hottest thing I have ever seen. George is so sensual and a sexual machine

  13. Love this actor. Hope we will get more scenes of him. All his scenes on Frolicme are outstanding.

  14. George Uhl is the king of porn. Please employ him BACK and become the main guy for every video. I don’t really mind. He can fuck women EFFICIENTLY. LOL

  15. George Uhl is so amazing at making love. Please do more scenes with him. Hope he becomes an exclusive performer for Frolicme

  16. Thank you, just superb. An older couple, clearly at ease with one another. This is mature sex at it’s very best.

    • Great movie…..we really enjoy more “average” ppl in this movie rather than just all youthful “beautiful” actors. Very sexy and more relatable than 20 year old actors!

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